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Drv 8825 help plz

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Hi all been working on this printer for weeks still haven't managed to get a decent print. My issue at is had a dead a4988 driver so I went online and bought 5 drv8825 drivers.. I replaced the broken a4988 driver with the new drv8825 now my extruder stepper doesn't take a full step just a half arsed attempt ( iv tyred increasing the voltage) As I'm new to all this and don't know anyone with a 3d printer my guess is its something to do with the a4988 being 1/32 steps and drv8825 being 1/32 steps.. how can I fix this issue any help will be most appreciated.. thankss

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Need more info.  Is this a UMO?  Does your printer have Marlin?  1/32 = 1/32 so I think you have a typo on one of those "32"s in your post.


Know this:  if you increase current too much you can blow out the driver in about 1/4 of a second.  Having too much current looks similar to having too little current (the stepper has very little power, may step the wrong way or shake back and forth).


If everything is fine but one axis is moving exactly half as far as you command (ask it to move 100mm and if it moves 50mm...), then this is very easy to fix in the firmware.  You would want to double your steps/mm.  If you have a UMO you can edit this probably most easily here:


FOR UMO these builders are great:


I also recommend you get pronterface which allows you to explore things like steps/mm and I think you can change the steps/mm without building a new Marlin.  Pronterface runs on windows only I think and you can get it here:



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Thanks for your quick reply.. ye my error one of the 32 is a 16 oops.. 

I'm using marlin firmware on a mega2560 pursa i3 from eBay. Had to update the firmware when I bought it because extruder wasn't working.. I thought these drv8825 drivers where just plug and play but they don't work properly on any axis... and they make a high pitched noise when I try to move the motor. 

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Oh.  Well those marlin builders I posted about are for Ultimaker only.


There are gcodes to set the steps/mm - google "gcodes marlin".  If you get it working you have to do an M500 to save the steps/mm or any value you set will get lost on power cycle.


I would hook up printrun first though and have printrun tell you the current steps/mm for all the axes before changing the steps/mm to double or half the current value.

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Thanks bud :) my lcd says ultimate since I updated the firmware lol. 

So I just got home and put the drv8825 driver on my y axis it seems to be only moving half the distance it should be and clicking every now and again, the print is sort of squashd l,how do I go about setting the steps per mm or double what it should be if you know what I mean. Sorry it's been a long week iv forgot how to speak :O

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