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Wobbly vs Stable Table for Printing

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For the past couple of years I've had my Ultimaker 2+ on a very solid workbench, but I'm thinking or rearranging my office and putting the printer on a wobbly table that is also on wheels.


I am wondering if there will be any noticeable impact on printing?


I figure it would be a good idea to fix the printer to the table so it doesn't rattle off the table, but I think that would amplify the wobble of the table. 


I read a few related posts - some say a wobbly table won't have an impact and some say it will...

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Mine has always been on a solid table, but in years past, UM has hung running printers from bungee cords at crazy angles for trade shows. If the worry is that your printer might walk off the table, try putting it on a rubber mat or some cork. That will reduce noise transfer too.

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In general I would expect the print head to work better if the print wobbles.  It's definitely true that if you have two printers on the same table and the table is wobbling from the printers then the prints (or portions of prints) created when both are running have a lower quality.  But if the only thing wobbling the table is a single printer I think it should be fine.

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