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Problems with printing Tower or Parts

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HI All,

i have a Moder of a Tower that i want to print but in Cura only the support Strukture is printed. 

In the Normal View everythink is fine. I know the Model is complicated / impossible to print.

And i also splitted this Tower in many smaller parts. but i got the same Problem.

Even when i try to Print only one part. 

can someone please check the File and explain to me why Cura is not accept the Model for Printing?

thanks a lot,




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I downloaded the model and it is 0 bytes. If you saved it out of Cura, then save using "Save Project' save everything. The best thing to do is to zip up the STL files so they can be examined outside of Cura. Many of us use different packages and that gives you much more of a range of perceptions and results. :)

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Ok, that worked well. I did get a look at the model and the thing I see is that the structure is too tiny for the nozzles to be picked up. I even reduced line width to 0.24 and it barely picked up the intersections of the crossing members.


Edit: Additional info


Using horizontal expansion at 0.2mm I got a lot of it to register.

Using horizontal expansion up to 1mm got more, but looked really bad and still did not do it.


Scaling up to 277% and horizontal expansion of 0.2mm did well.

Even scaled up to 300% required horizontal expansion of 0.2mm to get the top parts to be seen.


So, short answer is the parts are too thin to be sliced at current size.

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Thanks a lot for your Answer.

It was not possible to find another Tower like this. but yes. the File was in a Original Size.

Means with this File i will do not have any Chance to print, right ?


Where is the Setting of Horizontal Expansion ?

thanks in Advance



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