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Flow setting influences lines in layer view

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I just got a Cetus3D MKII Extended and am trying to set up a profile for it in Cura. This printer is a bit weird with gcode but it mostly seems to work fine.

One of the quirks it does have is that the flow must be set super high, like 2200% or higher.

Unfortunately this makes the layer view useless.



I would very much prefer it would look like this (flow 100%):



I could just keep changing the setting back and forth, but I'm posting this because 1) Cura is slow and losing even just a few seconds to freezing is genuinely annoying, and 2) I don't get why the displayed lines are changed this way in the first place. The flow value must be set so that the print comes out perfect. It's a variable for a reason, so that it can be changed to what works. Yet what Cura does is assume that 100% is the perfect value and other values are shown to be too thin or too thick.

Am I missing something? Please let me know if this can be disabled somehow.


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You could adjust your extrusion constant.  This is a constant in your firmware, or gcode that relates to the mechanics of the filament drive.  The correct value will cause the drive to feed accurately by length.  It can be added to your start gcode if your printer is compatible.  The code is M92 Exxx where xxx defines the constant.  The correct value can be found by trial and error testing with Pronterface (printrun) console.  Maybe yours needs a multiplier of 22 of whatever it is currently running.  Search about fine tuning extrusion constant for more info...

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