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Cura Connect not working now

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For some reason I keep getting the message that says "This printer is not set up to host a group of Ultimaker 3 Printers."


It just stopped working.


Printer says it is connected. Cura will let me see print jobs.


Blasted Cura off the computer and reinstalled, ran wifi setup again and Cura lets me see print jobs, but will not let me print.


Blasted Cura again, reinstalled, ran wifi setup again, changed printer name this time and it still says the same thing.


I rebooted computer and printer several times during this process.


Up until this happened just shortly ago, it was working just fine.


I am lost.


I did get a file saved to USB stick and am printing out a test file, but wow......I have no idea how this happened.

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No idea really but wondering if perhaps Windows Update if you are on Windows? I have suffered a number of "breakages" from W10 update including inkject printer loss of connectivity even though the laptop and printer are both connected to the same wifi network.

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Sounds like a problem that was fixed already some time ago.

What is your current firmware version number?


Is it possible you executed the "Cura Connect reset" menu item on the printer?

We did have an issue there where the printer did not add itself to the list of authenticated printers after the reset (Jira reference CL-560).


I suggest you update the firmware in your printer to the latest stable version, currently v4.2.5

After the update it might be possible you have to execute the "Cura Connect reset" menu item one more time.

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@yellowshark, the system is a Win 8.1 and I have it set to manually notify me of updates so I can choose when to update. I know that should not be the issue as it worked after doing updates late last week.


@Indy31, I will check that as soon as the print that is running is finished. I think I am on the latest as it notified me to update about a week or so back.

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OK, so I checked, latest version of firmware after all. :+1: I thought I was because I always update it when the printer tells me to.


But I had never heard of the Cura Connect Reset before. I just never needed it. I guess I got lucky. But, I used that, restarted Cura and all was good in noobland..... Thanks!!  :+1::+1:

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