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UM3 network issues

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I recently unplugged my UM3 printer and moved it to another room within the same house.  I took great care in moving the printer.  Before the printer was moved I had absolutely no issue with cura not detecting my UM3 through network (so I can print over the internet instead of through USB).  Now that I moved it it is no longer finding my printer when I attempt to connect.  Both the printer and my computer are connected to the same wifi.  I have tried everything from turning it on and off again, reconnecting to the wifi from both devices and installing cura on a separate computer and I have no luck still.  I believe there is an issue with the printer because even when I attempt a firmware update it says that it fails when trying to find the update.  Can anyone shed some light on my situation I will greatly appreciate it!!

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No it doesn't however now it connects and disconnects randomly...it will be connected for a couple hours then disconnect for a couple hours. This makes me think its a firmware issue because I didn't have this issue with the last version...I do not run the test firmware

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