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3.2.1 AppImage where to save Postprocessing Scripts

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Just a, maybe silly, question:

Where should I store a custom-made postprocessing script that it will be recognized by the postprocessing plugin?

In 2xx versions - not using AppImages - I had the complete PostProcessingPlugin folder (including my script) in

.local/share/cura/plugins which works fine.

If I do the same in 3.2.1 I see the PostProcessingPlugin is loaded twice (I asume 1 time from the AppImage and the other

from my local folder) but my script didn't appear in the "Add a script" Selection list.



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AFAIK your custom-made scripts should reside in your local configuration folder, subfolder "scripts".

Or more specific:  $USER/.local/share/cura/<Cura version>/scripts


If your script does not appear in the list, there are perhaps some hints in the log file:

$USER/.local/share/cura/<Cura version>/cura.log

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Thank you @tinkergnome,

your answer finaly lead me in the right direction, placing the script in

$USER/.local/share/cura/<Cura version>/scripts

was unsuccessful and also was no hint in the log file.


But, a little more searching  brought me to:


where I could succesfully place my script.

Not that intuitive place for it, I think ...


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