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pausing hot end during retract

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Hello all. new to the 3d printing world for the most part so excuse me if I sound like a complete noob. The question I have is about pausing while retracting. I downloaded the newest version of cura last night and ran a simple print to dial in a new printer. What I am seeing is that the hot end stops during retractions, it did not do this before I started using the newer version. what setting am I missing?? any help would be great.


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5 hours ago, fast204 said:

the hot end stops during retractions

You mean it cools down?  What do you mean it "stops".  Do you mean the feeder (the cold end) stops?


Maybe you should show a 5 second video of what you are talking about because I'm not following your description.


Also please post what kind of printer this is (it's okay if it's not an Ultimaker).

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Yeah that's normal.  If you want to reduce the pauses then increase the acceleration (and maybe speed) of your retraction.  How far do you retract?  Typically 1mm for head mounted feeder and 5mm for bowden printers.


If you can double the acceleration on the stepper then you can shorten that pause quite a bit.  I've gotten it so fast the retraction is basically just a click.

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