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DesignSpark - newbie needs some help with move

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Posted · DesignSpark - newbie needs some help with move

Hi, sorry I screwed up inserting the picture and cancelled the new posting but everytime I try to create it again, the original cancelled posting just keeps coming back.


Hi, I have just downloaded DS (the free version) for a play and see what it is like but hope I can get a bit of help from you DS guys as I am stuck. I have made three separate designs, being a Box and two “tool” holders to go inside the box. I copied the two “tool” holder designs and pasted them into the Box design. I did see something about “insert file” but could not find it.





I have two problems although they are the same thing.  I want to move the orange “tool” holder to be adjacent to the green “tool” holder so they are touching, i.e. no gap between them but I cannot work out how to select the surface on the green “tool” holder and tell DS to move the orange “tool” holder to that.

The same problem: I can tell that the green “tool” holder is not sitting on the floor of the Box because it is sitting slightly above the walls of the box – the height of the walls inside the Box are exactly the same as the height of the “tool “holder and so the tops should be flush with each other.

Any help most gratefully received.

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    Posted · DesignSpark - newbie needs some help with move



    did you use components? I tried something similar:


    Please try to play with the move-command and Up-To.

    (I'm working with Inventor and SolidWorks and could not find the proper direct axis-align-command.)



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    Posted · DesignSpark - newbie needs some help with move

    Thanks guys most helpful :sunglass:. I think I am looking at an abridged user manual for the free version and need to download the full  user manual, which is what I think the link from @dxp took me too. The key word is indeed SNAP, in DSM's parlance "Snap to a co-planar face". The user manual is a bit naff because there is no mention of the receiving face turning yellow when the faces are "snapped"; this is very very brief because you only have to go a few microns too far whilst moving and it switches back to the original colour - but I soon sussed it. Once again many thanks for your help especially as you are both non DSM guys :+1:

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    Posted · DesignSpark - newbie needs some help with move

    In short: on the orange object, you need to move the *yellow ball* (=the reference anchor) of the arrows to the side you want to match, after which the yellow ball turns into a blue cube. Thus here you need to place it on the right outside of the orange item. Then you need to click the red move-arrow, select the "up to" function, and then click the left side of the green item. Then the selected side of the orange item will snap to the selected side of the green item.


    Thus: select the object(s) to move, select the source plane which has to match, select move direction arrow, select the "up to" function (this is probably what you missed), and select the destination plane to move the object upto.


    Here is the DesignSpark Mechanical tutorial on moving (Youtube):



    Be sure to study the tutorials too on Pulling, and Selecting, on the same Youtube-channel (you need to scroll down quite a bit):



    I would recommend that you download all these tutorial (in high resolution 720p) and save them locally for future reference. In Firefox you can install add-ons like "video downloadhelper" to achieve this. I don't know for other browsers.


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