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  1. dxp

    Glow in the Dark

    Mache ich dann in einem neuen Thread Ende August.🏖️
  2. dxp

    Glow in the Dark

    Und wir hattendie Woche Besuch aus Österreich... 🙂 @Smithy : in der Firma hatten wir mal 3DXTech CarbonX 2.85 mm Polycarbonat - eine extreme Spannkraft. Kaum zu biegen. Bisher nur kleine Teile. Leider. Es fehlt die Anwendung. Daheim wartet eine Rolle PA-CF Low Warp von Colorfabb auf meine Rückkehr aus dem Urlaub (Rügen!), der Ender 3 ist nun umgebaut und kann 280°C. Wirkliche Tipps aus der Praxis kann ich also nicht geben, man findet leider auch nur wenige Reviews. @all: Schöne Urlaube allerseits!
  3. dxp

    Glow in the Dark

    Ach: Extrudr und 3DJake sind aus Österreich. Carbon macht Spaß. Und es ist so extrem .... steif, holzig, matt - tolles Material.
  4. dxp

    Glow in the Dark

    Ja, per Dual-Druck dem nicht leuchtenden weißen Gespenst als zweites Material Leuchtaugen reindrucken. Oder geheime Botschaften in andere Teile, die man nur in der Nacht lesen kann - hach, schöne neue Welt! Viel Spaß und schön, dass es so gut klappt!
  5. dxp

    Glow in the Dark

    Geil! Jetzt noch Botschaften weiß-in-weiß drucken... 😉
  6. Maybe you could give Repetier Host a try? It works fine with Crealiy-Printers and you could check the USB. If it works, switch to Cura. (But printing directly via USB seems a bad idea, a SD-Card is better in terms of reliability.)
  7. It does look exactly like that! Wow. Soft end stops, how cool is that! Oh, x (Width) was left at 233mm. And yes, i deactivated the second extruder AND set the printer to one extruder. Maybe that puzzled Cura. So, I left x at 233, let the machine have 2 extruders (in printer settings) and deactivated the second extruder at the prepare panel/configurations. That way the option "Once-at-a-time" was available. Then i had to move the most right part 15mm to the left and everything was printable! 🙃 Reducing x would help too, I guess. But fiddling in printer settings back and forth is not my cup of tea. Thank you very much for "tinkering it out", @tinkergnome. And thank you @nallath for your patience!
  8. Maybe the Ultimaker was just polite 🙂 There is really no unneccessary material. Just a sharp cut and a wall. Just checked the gCode - all parts have a brim. But: the slide to simulate the buildup cutted all parts at the same time and ignored the once-at-a-time setting. Maybe just a render-thing in cura. This is a render of the gCode with Repetier Host. It shows the correct printing order, but the used area is larger than 200mm... eeergh.
  9. Nope, i used the first/left extruder. In printer settings i set the number of extruders to 1, the remaining one was Extruder 1. (The last picture is irritating, because EX2 is down. I took the picture with a manually raised bed, and the UM was switching to EX2 for unknown reasons.) Seems like the Ultimaker himself re-computed the gcode for printing a model in half 😀
  10. Well, actually i see no over extrusion... looks like a "healed" cut. The walls are only 2 perimeters by default (which is too thin). But there is no surplus material. I will reprint the last position to see, if there is a mechanical collision. There is no way for Extruder 1 to reach the entire area of the model, the print is cutted. After stopping the print, i raised the build plate and moved the head to the print. The head is 1mm away from the chassis. Nozzle 1 is still 1-2cm away from the sliced positions (red vertical line). The right nozzle could help... kidding. Maybe the bounding box is too small?
  11. Hello, printing "once at a time" seems tricky: the preview was perfect, but in the end, the last part (in the lower left) was cut in half. The cutting area was even closed with a nice wall! Pics are included as is the 3mf and gcode. The number of extruders was set to 1. I'm not asking for help, just for some hints of how to avoid that. (And yes, these prints are ugly, the TPU95A must be dried.) There was a thread in 2016 with the "print once at a time" topic, now i'm calling for @nallath or @gr5 🙂 The printer setting: UM3E_pUFFER-5er-Gruppe.3mf UM3E_pUFFER-5er-Gruppe.zip
  12. dxp

    Rename printer

    Just discovered: renaming UM3 works. (but how to change language in cura connect?)
  13. dxp

    Glow in the Dark

    Wir hatten das 2er-Set für ~165€ oMwst. plus Ruby bestellt. Zwei Wochen später kam die CC 😯 Wie gesagt: mit der CC entfällt mindestens eine Fehlerquelle, was im kommerziellen Bereich entscheidend sein kann.
  14. dxp

    Glow in the Dark

    Na, immerhin hat der UM5 schon die gehärteten Extruder-Zahnrädchen. Wir haben hier das 3D Solex HardCore 2 Kit UM3 und 3D Solex Everlast HardCore Nozzle für UM3 0.60mm. Funktioniert soweit ganz gut, beim nächsten Mal würde ich allerdings sofort nach Einbau das manuelle Leveln für alle Druckköpfe machen, weil wir da Probleme mit der Höhe hatten (die Düse lag einfach auf dem Glas auf...) und man dann nochmal beim Hersteller nachhaken kann. Das Erkennen des Kopfes - oder besser des Düsendurchmessers - geht nur manuell, hier kann man sich auch mal ins Knie schießen. Falls das Geld vorhanden und der Sinn nach Originalität und Komfort steht: CC Red. Kann ich aber nichts zu sagen. 350€ finde ich fett.
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