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Mismatched Solid vs Layer views

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Posted · Mismatched Solid vs Layer views

Hi everyone, 

First time poster, but have been using Cura for about 8 months now.  Seeing a weird result tonight where the Solid view of a model conflicts with the layered view of the model, and the actual physical print.


I grabbed this print from Thingiverse:  https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2893747


I loaded the "walls.stl" in Cura (attached to this post).  When I view the Solid View it shows the design as not having a roof (which also matches the original authors description of the design). The "ThingView" mode in Thingiverse also shows no roof.


When I switch the view to Cura's Layer View, it generates a roof.  The roof is substantial - enough that it creates 15-20 layers of infill !!   The physical print also included a roof.


Do you have any ideas about why the views would be so different?  I've never seen that before in Cura.








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Posted · Mismatched Solid vs Layer views

This is because the model was created with sketchup and they didn't create a proper model.  some of the parts in this (I think those corner diagonal things) have the triangles in the STL showing their normals backwards - the "normals" in the STL say which side of the triangle is solid and which side should be air.  So when cura slices it gets confused.


Always look at a part in slice view and if shows that it is printing somewhere it shouldn't - don't think it won't do that when you really try to print.  Slice view tells the truth.


So what's the solution?


You have a few options.  

1) You could easily fix the sketchup file - right click on the gray walls and select "reverse faces" to make them white.  the skp file (the sketchup file) is included so I'd go this route.  Because I've used sketchup a lot.


2) You could sent the STL through a cleanup program - this one is free but requires you to create an account:


3) There are some model repair options you could try in Cura.  "mesh fixes".  I thought there was normal fix but I don't see it.



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Posted · Mismatched Solid vs Layer views

Nice detailed answer, thank you.   I was going to attach my own roof from sheet styrene, so I'm not too worried about the fact it actually printed one for me (incredibly, it spanned that gap).   Was just perplexed about the way it was presenting.  I think I'll send this link to the original Thingiverse author so he can potentially correct it at the source.


I use Layer View all the time when evaluating a print - it reveals so many issues before actually printing the items.


Thanks again.

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Posted · Mismatched Solid vs Layer views

As the designer I've pleased that others are finding my projects interesting. But more importantly by your sharing your comments I am able to learn so much from others. Great fun. I will correct the wall.stl and repost it.

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