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Ultimaker 3 Disabled Nozzle


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Posted · Ultimaker 3 Disabled Nozzle

I just received my UM3 today, and I already have questions. I am mainly doing single color prints using one extruder. I have disabled extruder 2 in Cura, but it seems like the extruder is still heating up. I think I am seeing the red led glowing. Am I missing another setting? I would think the unnecessary heating is not good for the extruder or the filament. 

Second probably really dumb question; is there a proper shut down procedure for the printer? I have been letting it cool down and turning off the switch.

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    Posted · Ultimaker 3 Disabled Nozzle

    Check and see which extruder you're using for you build plate adhesion (like the skirt).


    Have you updated the firmware since receiving the printer? 


    Waiting for it to cool and then hitting the power switch is a good way to do it. 

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    Posted · Ultimaker 3 Disabled Nozzle

    Using extruder 1 for bed plate adhesion, I have extruder 2 disabled in Cura.

    I update firmware today, to the latest stable version, printer is off so I'll check version tomorrow.

    I am not totally certain extruder is actual staying heated, the led could just be reflecting to its neighbor. Is these a way to monitor extruder temp? 

    I have been unable to find a good  explanation of the menu functions.

    Thanks for the reply.

    So far very impressed with printer, just a little surprised at the violence of the travel moves.  

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    Posted · Ultimaker 3 Disabled Nozzle

    Is the Ultimaker doing automatic levelling when this happens? The Ultimaker always heats both cores up before levelling, which makes sense since hot metal expands and measuring a cold nozzle wouldn't necessarily yield the right results.


    Note that automatic levelling always does both print cores, even if you're about to print a single-core job.


    If your levelling is generally good, you might want to reduce the auto-levelling frequency.

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    Posted · Ultimaker 3 Disabled Nozzle

    I understand the nozzles heating before auto leveling, but I don’t understand why they both stay on after leveling and one extruder is disabled in Cura. I just tried a print with extruder 1 disabled, same result regardless of which extruder is disabled. 

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    Posted · Ultimaker 3 Disabled Nozzle

    Sorry everyone, I was mistaken. I just discovered that if you press tune button while printing you can monitor extruder temps. Sure enough the disabled extruder was near ambient temp. Some people may think being an old fool is easy, but it takes a lot of effort to do it well! I have not been able to find much info describing the various menu screens, anyone know where more info is located? Thanks to all who tried to help.

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    Posted · Ultimaker 3 Disabled Nozzle

    I'm not sure if there's a full menu tree anywhere but here it is short and quick:

    Print--choosing prints from your USB stick

    * Material 1/2

          * Load
          * Remove
           * Change
           * Move (good for doing a manual extrusion if you need to purge some filament out)
            * Select Material
    * Print Core 1/2
           * Set nozzle temperature
            * Unload 
            * Change Cores

            * Load

    * Network

           * Connection Status (is it on the network, yes or no?)

           *  Run Wifi Set Up (set it up on the network)

           * Lan Cable (is it connected this way, yes or no?)
           *  Wifi (is it connected this way, yes or no?)

    * Build Plate

           *  Manual leveling (run manual bed leveling)

           *  Active leveling (run active leveling process)

           *  Leveling frequency (decide how often you want active leveling to run; I recommend Always)

           *  Lower (move build plate to bottom/Z-home)

           *  Raise (lower build plate to bottom and raise it back up)

           *  Set Temperature (rotate button to set build plate temperature)

    * Printhead

           *  Fan speed (note: this is how you test your side fans while NOT running a print; it will not affect the front fan)

           *  Home (return printhead to home position in back left corner)

    * Frame Light

           *  Brightness (set percentage of brightness)

           *  On While Printing (check yes or no)

           *  Glow when done

    * Maintenance

           *  Update firmware (for more information, see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CR5BFkebhWg; firmware update can be done over LAN, wifi, or USB; video covers common errors I've seen with trying to update via USB)

           *  About this printer

           *  Certifications

           *  Welcome set up 

           *  Factory reset

           *  Print Core cleaning (very useful; it will set the temperatures for you for doing a hot/cold pull to clean your cores)

           *  Calibration

                  * Calibrate lift switch (useful if you suddenly find your lift switch is not lifting when it should)

                  * Calibrate XY offset (do this if you buy any new Cores, or swap the left and right positions between 2 existing Cores)

                  * Change XY offset (make adjustments to the offset without having to run the whole calibration again)  

           *  Diagnostics--if something goes wrong, there's a lot of built in diagnostic tools right in your firmware

                  * Switching test; good way to check and see if your lifting switch is working

                  * Heater sensor test

                  * NFC Spool holder test

                  * NFC reader test

                  * Limit Switches

                  * XY Motion stress test

                  * Dump Logs to USB 

                  * Developer mode

    * Language


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    Posted · Ultimaker 3 Disabled Nozzle


    Thank you very much, great information, will come in very handy for sure.

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    Posted · Ultimaker 3 Disabled Nozzle

    Glad to help.

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