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UM2 Stops printing after several hours.

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Hi Guys,

the last 3 times I have printed, my machine has just stopped mid-print. I am really worried because the heaters have not turned off. the bed is still on, and the nozzle is still on. I had a chunk of carbon plastic sitting on top of my print where it stopped.

  • I have an ultimaker 2

  • I have upgraded to a 3d solenx nozzle,

  • I have changed the pt100 heat sensor on the nozzle

  • I have changed to a titan clone.

  • I have re-flashed with tinker-marlin 17.10.1 to change the e extrusion. (from 286 to 846: numbers are not accurate I am listing them from memory)

  • I am printing over USB from my octoprint server. It does not go to sleep.

The problem started when I changed my 2x step-down gear (meduza) to a 3x (titan) I did not reflash I only changed it directly on the machine.

The error displayed this morning was: "error stopped please visit ultmaker/support" It did not mention anything about the heat sensors. just "error stopped"

I cannot find any article online related to this, only heater sensor related.

I had a post on Reddit if you want there was a guy on there saying something about the firmware and changing the e-value will only make the issue worse. https://www.reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/comments/8vkr03/titan_clone_filament_not_feeding_into_filament/Do you know what I can do? the gentleman suggested I follow GR5's guide but I cannot find it.

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We'll I'm the gr5 he referred to but I don't know what guide was meant.  I have a guide for underextrusion but this is something else.


So I strongly recommend you switch to tinkerMarlin 16.01 and also do a factory reset and set the E axis steps again.  16.01 is much less likely to hang with this "error stopped".  I've never seen it personally and I have all sorts of tinkerMarlin versions and UM2 printers but the people who get crashes with tinkerMarlin usually get it with versions after 16.01.  16.01 allows you to change the steps/mm and has 90% of the same features as 17.10.



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Yes, I have noted you as one of the people to follow for imformation, as you seem to know what you are talking about. i have purchased a couple of things from your store in the past. :p


The gentleman update the thread and linked to it. he was talking about "memory issues" and linked to this thread: https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/15939-tinker-firmware-introduction/?page=3


I have not done a factory reset after installing 17.10.1, that is something I would like to try, but I might just go ahead and install 16.01 


what I found weird was that there was absolutly nothing done with the firmware (minus the change in e axis steps) only a change in the feeder, then this popped up. I was running the firmware for several weeks without issue.

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Thank you, I was going to post but I was still waiting for my previous post to be moderated. I should be able to post fine now.


I updated to 16.01. the screen still "flickers" occasionally, but I think that's a known issue. I started to print groot again, and in the morning my titan had eaten away at the filament. The legs had printed, but it was printing in the air (no plastic being extruded)


I am glad that it did not do the same issue where it stopped printing but the nozzle was still heated and resting on the print, but was still annoyed. I turned off the printer and went to work.


I will try tightening the knurl on my printer and print it again. I will also try an atomic pull as I think the nozzle might be clogged (even though the filament comes out straight)

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Update: 16.01 Seems to work fine, I have not had any issues, after tightning the knurl a bit more. (did a slip test) 


The only thing I dont like is that in 16.01 there is no way for me to interact with the front panel. I cannot change settings on the fly, but the most annoying thing is that I can not turn the LED light on and off via the front panel anymore.


I can live with it.


Thanks for your help @gr5

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I went through every inch of tinkermarlin 17.10.1 and loved the features in it.


I have downgraded to 16.01 (by installing the firmware with the octoprint firmware updater plugin)


when I print, my UM2 shows the same as 17.10.1 EXCEPT at the bottom is says "ETA [TIME]/BEST QUALITY" and the scroll wheel does nothing. rotating it does nothing, clicking it does nothing.


on 17.10.1 it would scroll between "ETA [TIME]/BEST QUALITY" and then show three icons at the bottom "toggle led" "configure" and something else. Those are not showing up on 16.01


I believe you that they should be there, as you use 16.01. I will have to go home and check to see if there was an option in preferences I have to enable. and reformat my octopi, as my card has corrupted again 😞

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Thanks @tinkergnome , but I have already downgraded to 16.01 as per @gr5's recco.


I reformatted my octoprint server last night and did a test print. Before I started the print I went through my tinker marlin settings and could not find anywhere an option to enable settings change while print is happening. (turn off lights, change speed %, flow amount etc) The scroll wheel is 100% useless while printing.


Would you happen to know a solution? should I do another ractory reset? 

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2 hours ago, cryptie said:

The scroll wheel is 100% useless while printing.


The first version with the USB printing screen was 16.03.1 - you can try this one.

Or use the newest version again, try to reduce the value for the total power budget in steps of 10 and re-test (it's just a try).

...and just to be sure: check the terminal output from Octoprint for unusual things while you're testing.


Factory reset is only necessary if you switch back and forth between the standard and the tinker firmware.

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tinkermarlin has "geek mode" and classic mode.  This is the display while printing.  Geek mode seems more likely to crash for most people.  So you could try a newer version of tinkerMarlin but avoid geek mode as much as possible and see if that helps.  Personally I have 4 printers in geek mode only one of which is still on 16.01 and they all seem fine.

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