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I'm on ubuntu 18.04. Have got Cura 3.3.1-PPA and the appimage of 3.4.1.

Tried to install the FreeCAD-Plugin, but couldn't get it. The appimage does not provide any plugin menu item, the PPA version has got a "Plugins" menu, item, but this only offers "browse plugins", where I cannot find the FC plugin.

I copied the plugin file (CuraFreeCADPlugin-0.1.1.curaplugin) to ~/.local/share/cura/plugins and made it executable, but still no FC-files are visible.


@thopiekar - could you give me a hint?





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    Does the AppImage have a Toolbox menu? In 3.4, the plugin browser was renamed to Toolbox.


    The curaplugin file should be compatible with Cura 3.3 (the PPA), but you are using it in the wrong way. Remove it from the local/share/cura/plugins folder, and instead drag and drop it in the Cuar window. It will then be extracted to the correct folder. Note that this will not work with Cura 3.4, because that requires a .curapackage file.


    Finally, realise that freeCAD needs to be installed as well as the plugin.

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    Thank you for your time.

    1. FC is installed (0.18)

    2. At cura 3.4 I've got a "toolbox" menu. In the window it opens, I find a "menu" entry,but this is grayed out and will not open.

    3. At cura 3.3.1, I tried the plugin installation as mentioned above. Cura says "installed properly" - I can now choose FC files  but they are not installed. See error log (from terminal) attached.


    HTH, Cheers,





    Bildschirmfoto von 2018-07-26 20-55-36.png


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