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Why so many pointless moves? (UM3e)

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When the printer (Ultimaker 3 extended) starts, it performs a lot of pointless / meaningless moves


1) It calibrates both print heads (bed leveling) even if there is no filament in one of them and if one of them is not used in the print (which it can read from the file).

2) After calibration it moves the print heads to the middle of the bed and moves the bed down while heating it. It should actually heat the bed BEFORE calibration which might be one of the reasons the bed leveling is often not accurate

3) Then it moves the bed up again and the print head to the mid right position on the bed before it moves it to the front left corner - why?

4) And then it makes a pooh in the front left corner, that often is dragged with the print head to the middle of the bed. Why not make a line like anyone else?



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The pooh in the front left corner is called Prime Blob and can be disabled in Cure settings in the Build Plate Adhesion section.


I have it still enabled and it happens very rare that the blob doesn't stick in the left corner. On the other side I like that some filament is extruded before the actual print. 

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