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Hello, I'm just trying to use CuraEngine from terminal and I seem to running into some trouble. I've dumped all the definition and extruder jsons into a single folder just to eliminate dependencies as an issue. 

In particular these are the warning messages I get.


[WARNING] Trying to override unknown setting retraction_speed.

[WARNING] Trying to override unknown setting speed_layer_0.

[WARNING] Trying to override unknown setting line_width.

[WARNING] Trying to override unknown setting cool_fan_full_at_height.

[WARNING] Trying to override unknown setting bottom_thickness.

[WARNING] Trying to override unknown setting top_thickness.

[WARNING] Trying to override unknown setting infill_sparse_density.

[WARNING] Trying to override unknown setting wall_thickness.

[WARNING] Trying to override unknown setting speed_print.

[WARNING] Trying to override unknown setting support_z_distance.

[WARNING] Setting an unregistered setting material_diameter to 1.75


Why are the settings unknown and how is "material_diameter" unregistered? Looking into the fdmextruder.def.json, "material_diameter" is the setting to override to set the material diameter.


Sorry if this question is trivial but I can't seem to find documentation for using CuraEngine from the terminal.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I do have the verbosity parameter set, '-v' and it seems to be loading the definition files just fine. I don't see any messages about any definitions failing to load.

Loading /home/bryant/Documents/work/mmqualityfinal/public/cura/definitions/robo_3d_r1.def.json…

Loading /home/bryant/Documents/work/mmqualityfinal/public/cura/definitions/fdmprinter.def.json…

Warnings here

Loading /home/bryant/Documents/work/mmqualityfinal/public/cura/definitions/robo_3d_r1_extruder_0.def.json…

Loading /home/bryant/Documents/work/mmqualityfinal/public/cura/definitions/fdmextruder.def.json…



They all seem to be loading fine. But the warnings I listed above are sandwiched between the Loading messages. Is that an issue? like the extruder definitions need to be loaded first as well. Do I need to use the "-e" parameter to switch the setting focus to the extruder?


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./cura/CuraEngine slice -v -p -j ~/definitions/robo_3d_r1.def.json
                -s layer_height= ...
                -s wall_thickness= ...
                -s infill_sparse_density= ...
                -s support=
                -s machine_center_is_zero=
                -s adhesion_type=
                -s material_print_temperature=
                -s material_bed_temperature=
                -s top_thickness=
                -s speed_support_bottom=
                -s speed_print=
                -s speed_travel=
                -s retraction_amount=
                -s cool_fan_speed_min=
                -s cool_fan_speed_max=
                -s cool_fan_full_at_height=
                -s cool_min_layer_time=
                -s cool_fan_enabled=
                -s material_diameter=
                -s machine_nozzle_size=
                -s brim_line_count=
                -o '.... ' -l '...';


Of course I'm passing in values and specifying a output and stl to load. Am I doing everything in the right order?

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24 minutes ago, mersault said:

-j /definitions/robo_3d_r1.def.json

really?  You created a new root folder for this?  Are you sure you don't mean ~/definitions?  Or remove the first slash?

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Not sure about the order of "-l" and "-o" but this shouldn't make a difference.

Take a look at the "robo_3d_r1.def.json" definition file. It inherits from other more generic definition files and these need to be present in the same directory (well at least it would work if that's the case).

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Yeah, it inherits from fdmprinter.def.json, which loads.

One question though, which might solve my problem. What version of CuraEngine does the Cura use? I was using the master but I just pulled that latest release of CuraEngine(2.7.0) an I'm getting the same issue. What version of Cura are the definition files compatible with that latest release of CuraEngine (2.7.0 )? Or should that not matter?

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1 hour ago, ahoeben said:

2.7 is not the latest release. 3.4.1 is.


Mk, thanks. It says explicitly that its for cura 3.4.1 and using the definition from that fixed the unregistered setting warning forme. But I'm still getting the

"Trying to override unknown setting..."



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Note that Cura does not use the command-line like this. Instead it launches CuraEngine and the uses a protocol named “Arcus” (based of protobuf) to communicate meshes and settings. The command line is only ever used for some quick tests here and there, and is not officially supported anymore.

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Found my answer a while ago.

And I think passing settings through the command line is supported, just very minimally. Meaning all "children" settings have to be calculated by "parent" setting yourself. CuraEngine will not handle that for you. From what I understand, if you use CuraEngine through the command line it will just inherit every value it can from the definition file you provide it (from resource/defintions in Cura) and will override any "leaf/children" settings you provide with -s.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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