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RepRap Alu-Heatbed MK3

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Starting to research in earnest to add a heated bed to my Ultimaker. I like the look of the Aluminium bed with integrated heater approach as seen here:


and here:



Does anyone have any experience with one of these? (I think that it's is fairly new.)

Any for or against comments?

Would appreciated tips from those who've already travelled the 'add a heated bed' path.



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I think it would be good providing it is flat enough. I have glass over a MK2 heater at the moment but find the edges are a bit cool so aluminium would spread the heat better I think.


Certainly should.

I've thought of one minor(?) disadvantage. I've read that some people have more than one glass sheet so they can take a new print off the machine still on the glass and let that glass cool and free the print, while starting another print with the alternative glass.


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Just realised that my Acrylic bed is warped. I was trying to print a batch of 10 small parts and the print failed when trying to print near the centre of the bed. I rechecked the corners - good, then the centre. A bit more that 2 thickness of paper lower than the corners!

By this I mean that the nozzle offered significant resistance to the sliding of a single thickness of paper at z=0 at each corner, and less than this resistance with three thicknesses of paper in the middle of the bed.

Just checked the cost of getting a replacement Acrylic bed from Ultimaker using the cheapest shipping option. Totals approx A$77.

I think that I'll order that Aluminium plate for A$49 including delivery and use it as a cold print surface for PLA!

(And later on as a heated bed for ABS).


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How has this gone? I'd like to add a heated bed to one machine and this seems like the simplest solution.


Far too slowly to help you! I've received the Mk3 unit (from here http://www.aliexpress.com/item/MK3-RepRap-PCB-heat-bed-latest-Aluminum-heatbed-dual-power-3D-printer-accessories-mk3-heat-bed/1185929644.html) - which looks fine - but have not yet ordered the remaining parts. Will do so over the next few days but it will be some weeks before I receive them, I expect.


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