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Ordering Kit to Canada!

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Posted · Ordering Kit to Canada!

Hello Ultimaker forum!

I just posted a large greeting in the Welcome section, and I'll be ordering a kit to canada, the extra controller, a spare hot end thing, and 3 rolls of extra filament (4 with the free silver one)

I'm really excited as I've been researching this technology for a few months now and I'm ready to take it on! I'm really glad I'll be having some help from a friend to put it together, it looks really complicated!

I've made the decision to send payment from my bank, as I don't really like the idea of paypal wanting to attach directly to your bank account :/ .. I've never been told I couldn't use a credit card before - strange, I've used it hundreds of times with no problems, Meh'

Anyway I'll keep you all posted on the progress and experience!

Cheers! from Canada!


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    Posted · Ordering Kit to Canada!

    Hi Alice

    I've just completed the assembly last week - wasn't that difficult. Just read the instructions carefully and follow them. It took me several days, but I managed to get everything done without any problems. I can only recommend reading through the forums while you're waiting for the UM to arrive. Lots of information here to avoid problems!

    You might want to get some stuff:

    - light machine oil (also called "sewing machine oil" in german), I found it in a DIY store, car department

    - Fine, flat pliers (don't know how this is called exactly in english, picture:


    - Optionally a screw wrench (coach wrench) for tightening nuts

    And that should be it... I wouldn't recommend using an electric screwdriver. I used one for some parts, it's prone to overtighten the bolts.

    Btw I paid with PayPal, no problems there. You don't have to link it to your bank account or credit card, you can just make a payment on your PayPal account and then spend the money from there. PayPal can't access your bank account itself.


    I forgot: I strongly recommend getting better pulleys. Check out this topic:


    Maybe you can still get some from the second batch. These pulleys are expensive, but they'll be worth it (I've seen the stock pulleys myself...)

    Oh, and another thing: When mounting the pulleys, throw away the black set screws and use the spare ones. They're much better. I've squished the hex-thread on a black one and almost didn't get it back out.

    Have fun building your kit!



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    Posted · Ordering Kit to Canada!

    Jonny makes some good points, although I don't think I'd worry too much about the pulleys. The stock ones work well enough for most purposes. If at some point you want to upgrade, it's one of the things that you might consider... but you'll get plenty of great results, and need to spend a long time learning to get the very best from the printer before you're at the point where that's going to make much difference to your results.


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    Posted · Ordering Kit to Canada!

    Hey guys, thanks for the Suggestions,

    JonnyBischof, I've read a bit of stuff about upgrades and some changes to make to the machine, like direct drive the motors, belt tensioner, fan upgrades, and now pulleys, I'm making a list of all the possibilities, and I'm really glad you just finished building one, I'm likely going to need some help, thanks! ohh, and one thing i'm really lucky for is I have access to lotts of tools! :)

    anyway, so far the ordering process has gone well, I completed the bank transfer, and now the wait begins!

    I think I'll post mostly in the welcome section, but I'll put the ordering experience here specifically.



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    Posted · Ordering Kit to Canada!

    [ Copied from the welcome section ]


    IT CAME!


    I'm so happy! This is awesome!

    I officially ordered/paid for it last tuesday, and it came yesterday! (well I actually missed the guy, and he came back today :p ) So thats less than a week! !! !!!


    I would just like to say again, the whole process was completely painless and I felt totally supported the whole time, the sales team - and everyone else I talked to - was totally excellent and professional. Thanks Ultimaker!


    For everyone ordering to canada, there was no duty, it was $200 and change' tax at the door (COD), which sounds right, cuz it's 13% GST tax here right now... I think. The grand total with 4 rolls of filament, spare hot thingy, the Ultacontroller, insured DHL shipping ($130ish), exchange fee at the bank for - CAN to Euro ($20 I think), was just under $2,400 - Ouch I know - if your reading this thinking thats allot - well when you go through the steps, and see the charges 1,200 Euro for the machine - extra stuff - shipping - tax - and so on, you can see it's not that bad, and you can really tell it's a boat load of serious Tech stuff! I mean, the box is dense HoLLEY, and from what I can tell so far, it's extra heavy-duty pro parts - my dad says getting these parts made, and finding them at stores, never mind shipping/travel - would be much more expensive in the end.


    The box looks pretty good, just a few bumps, one corner got smushed a bit, I know theres some horror stories on here, but the packing looks ok, the inside is fine and everything was really secure in place, it's like triple thick cardboard and packed really well ;)


    So now I've opened it up, and I took some pics - I made a cheesy unboxing video for all those asking out there ..lol

    hope you like my artist strong hands ...lol


    So I will wait for my helper to put it together, hopefully tomorrow, I called him and he sounded like he fell out of his chair when I said it came today - he said he's gonna clear the schedule to assemble it !!


    So I really hope all the parts are here, and everything is in order.


    I'll report back soon!




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    Posted · Ordering Kit to Canada!

    Well...well....do tell! I hope to have mine soon!


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    Posted · Ordering Kit to Canada!

    Yay! Glad it arrived so soon!


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    Posted · Ordering Kit to Canada!

    Hey I'm back, yea it was really great how fast it came, I was finally able to put it together now, I was away for a few weeks.

    I wrote about it in the 'Welcome section..


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