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3dsolex UM3 HardCore Pro 7 - does this look ok ?

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Posted · 3dsolex UM3 HardCore Pro 7 - does this look ok ?

I'm trying to install HardCore Pro 7 with Ruby Everlast 0.6mm nozzle on my Ultimaker 3 , but the nozzle is not "centered", as shown here:




the nozzle opening points sideways.... not sure in what other way I could have mounted the print core... so, is this expected or if not, what should be done?


thank you



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Posted · 3dsolex UM3 HardCore Pro 7 - does this look ok ?

that does look odd, are you sure the core is fully seated in the carriage?  Can you take a picture of the assembled core laying on the table? I would want to verify that you did not accidentally bend the core while installing the new nozzle.


@gr5 might also have some input.

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Posted · 3dsolex UM3 HardCore Pro 7 - does this look ok ?

Maybe?  It can bend pretty easily where the green line is pointing.  This is even weaker on the Ultimaker cores.  I drew the red and blue lines as best I could but it's very hard to tell.  The distance between the red and blue lines appears to be about 1mm.  This looks like it might be close enough to print just fine.  When you do the XY calibration it calibrates the positions of the two nozzles very accurately.


However if it's bent too much then the bottom of the nozzle is not flat and "top" layers won't look as good (they'll have grooves/lines a bit worse than a level nozzle).  This angle might not be enough to cause quality issues.


So it *might* matter.  It *might* be crooked.  You can probably tell better than me.  Only look at the red heat sink to where green arrow points versus from where green arrow points to the tip of the nozzle as that's the only place where you will see an issue.  Ignore all the plastic parts and ignore the top steel trumpet part.  Those can all be crooked and don't affect the alignment.


Also be sure that the core seated properly although I think it's pretty hard to screw it up.  The metal "cone" just above the green arrow by maybe 4mm slips into a conical hole in the print head and it just kind of snaps nicely into place.


I'm sure you can send it back to carl at 3dsolex and he'll send you a refurbished or new one.  He's pretty good about that sort of thing (for people in USA send it to me, not Carl).


Or Carl might suggest "bending it back".  I don't know.  At some point if you bend it too much back and forth the hole inside where green line points will no longer accept 3mm filament.  Also it gets weaker each time you bend it (it's steel).


I looked at my hardcore in my UM3 just now and it was centered.  It would have been better if you took the photo from directly under the nozzle instead of under the rear of the print head.  But still it looks off despite that.



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