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Its easy copying something as you have a target. Its drawing faces without looking at faces i have more options with which take time exploring. I also had some good angles but i need to sand it a bit i have ringing as the dutch melts easier, i usually drop thd temps for this colour as its oozy.


The face was also no back and no ears, and clothes have no back details either! 


Too much pout as well.

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    22 minutes ago, cloakfiend said:

    Too much pout as well.

    If you say so. But I disagree.


    One of the things I am working on is how much to emphasize details to make them come out properly. How much to compensate for the printer's detail capabilities. I just finished printing and 'fixing a test; model where I did not pay attention to my PVA and had to print a replacement arm and the thing I noticed was that I had thought my fingernail details were too strong in sculpt, but barely show in print. Some hair needs to be raised more, etc. on the final print (post coming...that should be my name for now, but some of this takes time to get printed and such...and the friggin' distractions like work...uggghhhhh).


    One of the things I like about your prints is that for the most part, you have a 'brushed/painted quality' to certain areas like the hair. Some just try to do every strand, and I am not in that camp. You get it right. Form with detail, but not detail that distracts.


    Again, even with your caveats, you modest bastich you, I am still awed about the quality you got in such short time. Like I said, I thought I was fast, but damn.....


    29 minutes ago, cloakfiend said:

    Its easy copying something as you have a target.

    Not for me. You just got 'the eye and skill' to get it done. Kudos mate!! ? ?

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    I love drawing hair, i learnt from my biro days....no mistakes and taking the illusion of every hair approach. Shading basically...

    I draw hair in 3d pretty much the same way. Its nice and fast. I draw with a square and overlap to give the illusion of individual hairs which are actually the edges of thw square brush overlapping one another.


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    Posted (edited) · Modesty

    thanks for all the kudos btw!! its always nice to know someone appreciates your work. and i use a massive brush to do hair quickly. if you want to perfect it, theres no avoiding spending a bit more time, unless you use saved brushes. ive not yet experimented with bespoke brushes and displacement brushes but they look like time savers if used properly. 


    here is the brush size i normaly use so you see what i mean about overlapping.


    Proper sculptors can do faces (ears and all) in like 15mins. thats my target time for face sulpts.


    my hair took less than a minute to do. i guess its practice, but the dog was all hair so obviously took a lot longer. as you can see in the picture, the hair is not very detailed at all.



    Screenshot (253).png

    Screenshot (254).png


    its interesting because i can remember that i learnt shading very early on in craft design and technology classes. and remember doing peoples homework for them during lunch for fun as practice to shade, because i'd already shaded all the drawings of my own. I looked at how technical drawings are done now and cant find anything from the age of my early education, back in....the 80's.


    its just lucky that the resolution i draw in prints so well on ultimakers! anything higher is a waste of time, unless you are printing larger.

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