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UM3E Heater Error both cores

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since yesterday I get Heater errors on my Ultimaker 3 Extended.

The errors occur in both slots and I have tried three different printcores. I have checked both connections of the printhead cable.

The print head cable has been replaced a couple of weeks ago so I don't think that this is the problem.


Does anyone have an idea what it could be?



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Just to rule out the print cable, have you tried to push it back in as well as make sure it stays seated during printing?


I found that some of my print cable issues got take care of when I did the following:

1. Seated the cable firmly in the printhead.

2. The print cable is held by the retainer clips on the bowden tube. So I make sure I push the cable down into the hole and then push the clips down closely to the printhead. As the print is performed, and the clips are far a way, it can produce a wiggle in the cable that will eventually cause the lead in the cable to siggle loose.


It is just a suggestion. In this, it is all I got, but I hope worth a try.

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Thanks for the answers.

I've checked the cable, it's pushed in finde. Also the fan isn't blocked at all.


I forgot to mention before:

The cores don't start heating at all. They remain at ambient temparature (the sensor says so and I also physically checked with a thermometer)for a little time and then the error message appears (I suppose because of there's something like a runtime error in the firmware when the temperature dosn't change).


Any other suggestions?

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Hmm? not really at the moment, but I guess you are right, the printer will heat up but nothing happens and then the firmware throws an error. So check again the head. Maybe a contact problem between the head and the cores? But unusually that this would happen with both cores.

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On the list of silly things to check:

  1. Clean the core contacts
  2. Clean the printhead/core interface contacts

Clean both with the purest isopropyl alcohol.


Now! For anybody that wants to tell me that it probably is not that, remember I DID say silly. But I always try to rule things out because I have had strange issues like this pop up.


Also, swap cores to make sure.


  • Maybe something environmental got into the cores at some point and do not let the contacts make, well, contact.
  • Swapping cores just to make sure...AND if you have access to another UM3 or even an S5, put the cores into it to see if the cores heat up. This may point to either the cores being bad or the cores ok and printhead not ok.
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13 minutes ago, DF-Werkzeugservice said:

Thanks for all of your help.

After taking the whole print head apart i found out that one soldering from the print head cable socket became loose after the ~6000h of printing which this machine has now. After resoldering it works again.

Ye be a fer better tinkerer than meself matey 🙂 Arrrrrrrhhhhhhh <-----part of the pirate alphabet.

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