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Help Please with Print adhesion with Creality Ender3

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Posted (edited) · Help Please with Print adhesion with Creality Ender3

Hello there,


Thank you for your help. I have had some difficulty with my Ender 3 kit and I would really like to work out the kinks. I know this can be a really awesome machine. I have some prototypes of designs I have been working on, and I that I’d like to print!


We set up the Ender3 and had no problems.  I tried printing the dog gcode file that came with the ender 3.  At first we had some trouble trying to print the dog,  the print was not adhering to the surface.  The first time it came off (we think the heat of the bed and extruder caused this the first time).  The second time we tried to print the dog, it became off alignment around the shoulder area and was printing off center.  The third attempt yielded a successful pupster.   But each time I tried to print my speed wasn’t faster than about 30%


Print Material:

Hatchbox PLA 1.75mm

Ext. temps 180c-210c


So after printing the successful dog, I print a small succulent planter design I did in my SketchUp (1-day) course.  It printed about  80% of it’s height (or around layer 400-500) before it became off center and was printing those fun but worthless spaghetti lines.  I try to reprint it and change some of the parameters, including the infill (as it was very weak) and extending the raft in hopes of preventing the print from moving on me.  Go to reprint the Succuent planter and again, it seems to go off track around layer 400-500. 


And so the same pattern continues when I print a small (in foot print) but “tall” designs.  Basically 1X4” designs, using rafts or brims to stabilize.  Each coming lose around 3.5” tall, or layer 400-500.


Here is an example when I printed the boat test.  It lasted longer than the other prints possibly because I used painter’s tape to help secure the print.




Past failures:


Boaty only got his smoke stack because I used painters tape across the backside of the boat to help with the rocking.  Isn't he pretty?



One thing I should note is that I have been using cura version 15.04.3 which came with my printer.  I did that because I figured it was easier to learn on the older software than the new.  All of my Gcodes have been compiled on version 15.04 and I believe the current version is 3.2.1 – but what I didn’t think is how the software might change how things are extruded.


Any help is appreciated.  I am hoping to fix my issues as I have some high detail prints I’d love to start printing on!


Thank you for the help!

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Posted · Help Please with Print adhesion with Creality Ender3

Any thoughts? I’d love to do some troubleshooting this morning 

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Posted · Help Please with Print adhesion with Creality Ender3


It's a longish video, sorry, but I spent a ton of time creating it and it's packed full of "how" and also "why".  I think it's worth watching and if you do everything recommended you will never have a print come loose.  In the video I pick up the whole printer by a print smaller than your benchy as the print sticks so well.


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