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Stringing test towers blobbing

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Posted (edited) · Stringing test towers blobbing

Hi guys,


I was wondering if someone could help me with a print i'm struggeling with. So, I'm trying to print the stringing test towers in Cura but what ever options I try it fails at the same spot.


If you take a look at the printed towers in the picture you will see a lot of blobbing at the very start of the two towers, the rest looks fine. I have been trying different settings for the past 3 days but without any succes.


I have already gone as low as 70% on the flow rate and 180 C temperature. The extruder head has also been calibrated perfectly with the measuring and adjusting the Esteps motor method. The stl file and Cura profile I use are uploaded so I hope there is someone with some advice.


PS. I'm using an Creality Ender-3 printer




Stringing test towers.jpg

Sems profile.curaprofile Stringing_Test.stl

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Posted · Stringing test towers blobbing

I think I've found the issue here. BED LEVELING! 


After spending almost a whole day again testing all kinds of settings I decided to level the heated bed again, why not I thought. And yes that resolved the issue finally!


I will still have to fine-tune the flow rate and temperature but looking at the picture you can see the huge difference already 😉

Test results.jpg

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