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Ultimaker 2 design plans?

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I would like to congratulate the Ultimaker team for this very nice and new 3d printer, looking very awesome.

Following up on the "Just like the Original the Ultimaker 2 will remain open source.", could you please point me towards these plans. At the moment I am particularly interested in slider blocks design, to figure out if they can be printed in 3D. I am jsut about to order some mechanical aprts and would be nice to plan for longer X,Y 6mm rods if feasible.

All the best with the upcoming presentation!


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The slider blocks are not printable, as they click together. (There is the bushing and a spring in there for belt tension)

I recommend looking at my TITAN slider blocks: https://github.com/daid/TITAN those are printable and about the same size and design as the UM2 sliderblocks.

In the UM2 we did extend the X/Y 6mm rods a bit so they hit the endstops. So you might want to think about that.


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Actually, the full statement on our OpenSource-ness should go online soon. But it goes something like "bla, bla, we'll release the UM2 files in 6 months, bla bla". There is a lot of confusion about this. But the UM2 files will NOT be released right now.

But Harma is actually sorting out and uploading the UM-Original files right now, as we will put them online ASAP. You could follow the repository on github if you want notification as soon as it happens: https://github.com/Ultimaker/UltimakerOriginal

I think the UM-Ori is much more interesting for hackers anyhow. Except for a few bits&pieces from the UM2. I'll see if I can arrange to upload the printable direct drive files online. (The final injection molded parts are not really printable, but we have a design that prints great. I even installed it on my own printer)


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