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Gcode command incorrect, false. Print stops.

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Posted · Gcode command incorrect, false. Print stops.

Hi all,

I thank you help.


Cura 4.0

2 extruder printer.


My printer is stopping many times in the same position for most of gcodes.

In one of them I looked for the error using gcode.ws analyzer and I found the problem.

The first 3 layers (raft layers) are printed with same material (220ºC):

-First layer printing ok.

-Second layer the printer stops. ("Temperature error").


The command included in the gcode in the middle of 2nd layer:

M104 S195


Extruder temperature modification was not needed. So, due to the extruder was printing at 220C, and should continue at this temperature (not 195C), extruder temperature drops down and the printer stops because the feeder can’t push the filament.


Why Cura included this command?

What can I do to avoid this problem in a long print? (hardest to find the wrong command).


Another issue is the Preview of the printing process, it is not real. First layer in Preview is showing extruder 1 but in real it is printed by extruder 2 (what I had decided). I guess these 2 issues have no relation.


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