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UM3 system boot cannot start up (system failure)

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Posted · UM3 system boot cannot start up (system failure)



I have an UM3 printer and use it for a year and I could update the firmware as well two times wihout any problem during this period.

Even more, I have purchased a special Solex Hardcore head and Ruby Sapphire nozzle for carbon fiber filament and I used it with satisfaction.

However, I was not really amazed with the operation of the original extruders, therefore a few weeks ago, I also purchased two DDG Bondtech extruders from Solex.

After their hardware installation, according to the installation guide, I needed to modify a few parameters in the UM3 firmware as well.

I did it without problem and I could use the printer with these new Bondtech extruders perfectly.


And now, the problem arrived here...

I have received and applied a Cura sofware update correctly a week ago. It was okay.

But I was stupid (...) becasue I have confused Cura software and UM3 firmware: I have also reinstalled the UM3 firmware again with Bondtech parameters (it was not necessary...) and I have failed something during this process. This is why I cannot start UM3 up now; the system boot cannot run.


The Ultimaker logo can be seen on the screen permanently and the joystrick next to the screen is blinking colorfully (green and blue) but nothing happens. The system cannot stand up and the main menu is not available. It was my fault, it is clear but I am in panic at the moment...


May I start up the system from an USB stick somehow as external source of system files (similarly to the Windows PC)?

If yes, how I can find system files or how I can do it?


Could anyone help me, please?



Thanks in advance,



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Posted · UM3 system boot cannot start up (system failure)

Hi Attila,


there is a maybe helpful thread in the forum:




and somwhere in the forum (possibly the same thread) i found the attached manual to unbrick your UM3.


Possibly it helps.



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Posted (edited) · UM3 system boot cannot start up (system failure)

Thank you for this info above; it seems to be extremely useful and easy to do it!

I will test it tomorrow and will report my experiences.


But let me have just one more question regarding the quote below:

"NOTE: Recovering the Ultimaker 3 firmware will erase all settings, including
those set by the factory. Lift switch, bed leveling and XY calibration will have
to be redone."


I have already done both bed leveling and XY calibration so will be able to redone them.

But I have never done lift switch leveling. Is there a description about it somewhere?






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Posted · UM3 system boot cannot start up (system failure)

Hello Enigma,


I could easily and smoothly repair my UM3 printer this morning (incl. updates and calibrations) based on your focused and efficient help and advises; I really and highly appreciate it!!!

The printer works again as nicely as previously did.


Thanks again!



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