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  1. It seems there has appeared a new procedure: to ensure, the lift switch ist in "down" position before rising (and so fitting in the lift switch bay), the print head moves to the backside of the lift switch bay (if it's "up" at that time, this motion will knock it to the "down" position) ?? When moving the lift switch up and down (automatic or manually via the menu options) or doing a lift switch test, does it work right?
  2. Hi, first point, i suggest you turn your text-color to an eye-friendly black, als this (50%?) grey is very hard to read (no offend, just a proposal) ;-). This flat nozzle tip IS unusual and absolutely not correct. It reminds me to reports of other people, who printed with abrasive materials, which eroded the nozzles and made them unusable (that's why hardened steel nozzles and ruby nozzles, like the CC Printcore, exist). The tip of your BB Core looks as it should be. So, in my oppinion, the worn is to be replaced with a new one. Usualy the UM3(E) is shipped with two AA cores and one BB Core. Is the second AA still available? Greetings.
  3. CPE is a little more heat-resistant than PLA (up to 70°C), CPE+ is said up to 100°C (I've not used CPE+ so far, only CPE), but with water temparature up to "hand warm" (starting temp, no heated bath) i never had problems with after-print warping.
  4. Nein, oberhalb der Mitte ist weniger Federspannung, je tiefer die Anzeige, desto größer ist die Federspannung (siehe z.B. hier: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/52504-clean-the-feeders) Grüße
  5. Hi, I've read somewhere at the Ultimaker-Homepage, that the water used to dissolve PVA should only be up to 30°C, but they recommend use of cold water. Greetings
  6. Afaik the flow sensor is integrated in the feeder's housing and not in the printcore. So it does detect positiv material flow, which is correct.
  7. Hi, some markings on the filament after passing the feeders, like shown here: is ok and shows that spring pressure is set correctly. Tension indicator ad middle position is a good starting position. Is it possible that your filament is blocked by some reason (for example tangled on the spool or similar)? Greetings
  8. Hi, looks a bit like under-extrusion. Is your nozzle ok and your feeder-tension set correctly? There is a good troubleshooting-guide at the Ultimaker Homepage, possibly it helps. Regards.
  9. Great work! Fortunately my 3D-Glasses lie ready to use besides my keyboard (old Red/Green type, but works perfectly with your pics)
  10. And not to forget the possible layer-resolution of 20 micron with the UM3, which exceeds most SLA-Printers - and of course the Prusa with its layer-resulution of just 50 micron.
  11. ... by the way: a front door (like the one in the Advanced 3D Printing Kit from Ultimaker) is highly recommended for successful printing with ABS.
  12. To problem 1: ABS ist known for a weeker layer-adhesion (and weeker layer-to-layer-strength) than other materials like PLA etc. I know some users change the printing parameters (temp., speed?) to improve the layer-to-layer bonding. Possibly one of them is in this forum? To problem 2: I use the Ultimaker Adhesion Sheets on the glassbed of my UM3 and have nearly no problems with warping (but sometimes with week layer-to-layer strength, while i use the Ultimaker / Cura approved default settings). And they can be used SEVERAL times till they need to be changed. Greetings
  13. Hallo, die Informationen sind ein bißchen spärlich, vielleicht hat deshalb bislang noch niemand geantwortet. Wie groß ist der Versatz? Ist er in x- und y-Richtung gleich oder unterschiedlich? Ich habe mit Zweifarb-Druck bislang noch keine Erfahrung (nutze Extruder 2 nur für Stützmaterial), aber soweit ich weiß kann Versatz zwei mögliche Ursachen haben: entweder die beiden Druckdateien sind nicht richtig zusammengeführt (in CURA), oder die Kalibrierung der Druckköpfe ist nicht korrekt ausgeführt (werden die bei Auslieferung mitgelieferten Druckköpfe verwendet, oder nachträglich dazugekaufte?). Zur Kalibrierung der Druckköpfe siehe S. 31 im Ultimaker 3 Benutzerhandbuch. Immer derselbe Versatz bei verschiedenen Dateien deutet aber wohl auf nicht korrekte Kalibrierung hin. Grüße E. Ultimaker 3 manual (DE).pdf
  14. Resonance -or vibrations in general-, possibly caused by the layout of the print, may be able to move the printer in "Y-direction", because it sits on its side-panels, on four nearly skid-shaped surfaces. And traveling over the edge of the table, gravity will do the rest... I had an eye on possible vibration-related movement of the printer (UM3) since first use (about 1 1/2 years ago), but since i made a set of these: www.thingiverse.com/thing:3059433 from TPU, there is -till now- no movement of the printer at all - and a lot less vibration.
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