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  1. Hallo Helmut, das sind ja mal gute Nachrichten. Freut mich, daß wir helfen konnten. Viele Grüße und "happy printing"
  2. also rein von der Dateigröße (324.608 KB) ausgehend müßte es Version sein (die ältere ist 273.408 KB groß, die aktuelle hat 578.560 KB). Ist aber nur eine Vermutung.
  3. Hallo zusammen, wenn es die gleiche Prozedur ist wie beim Wiederherstellen "zerschossener" Firmware, hab' ich hier die "offizielle" Anleitung: 567519794_WorkInstructionsUltimaker3firmwarerecovery.pdf Grüße
  4. Hi, I don't know how the print settings (build plate temp, nozzle temp etc.) are controlled at the UM2, if via Cura or via the printer itself. Perhaps @gr5, @Dim3nsioneer, @fbrc8-erin or someone else knowing the UM2 can help. For PLA, build plate temp of 60°C is optimal, but even an unheated print bed can be used for this material. The two side fans are for cooling the print, but for the first layers they should not be needed (the front fan is for cooling the hotend and should work continuously). Regards
  5. Hi Paul, the two big problems we have to cope with in 3D printing: 1. getting the print sticking to the build plate, 2. removing a print from the build plate ☺️. I suppose you have levelled your build plate lot to far from the print head. The final distance should be about 0.1mm (the thickness of a sheet of paper). The proper calibration procedure for the UM2 can be found here: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011833680-Calibration-for-the-Ultimaker-2 The look of your first layer is a good indicator for good -or bad- levelling. Using a brim could also help (checking good first layer as well as improving build plate adhesion IF levelling is ok). Regards
  6. Hi, what you got is called "head flood" (please use search function for further infos). see for example: or As your printer is pretty new (warranty), first step should be contacting your reseller. Regards
  7. Would it be possible to install S5 feeders instead of bondtech (without tinkering with E-steps)? I wonder if the filament sensor would also work, as the wiring is present, the firmware 5.2.11 is identical to the corresponding firmware of the S5 and the temperature graph of cura connect contains two extra feeds named sensor0 and sensor1?
  8. (also off topic: good to know. I just spent about 5 min. to manually change the white text in another post ☺️ )
  9. Hi robobartz, I disagree. The Ultimaker printers are -at least since the UM2- equipped with an automatic belt tensioner for the long belts, which is integrated in the sliding blocks. If the belt gets loose at the opposite side (lower at front/back belt, higher at side belts), there is an easy way to tighten them again, as shown in the following video, provided by @fbrc8-erin: Regards
  10. Hi, it looks like the heatbreak of your printcore is broken. There is no known fix, you need a new printcore. Your official local resellers can be found here: https://ultimaker.com/resellers/us ...and as a side note: your silicone nozzle cover needs to be replaced, and there are al lot of material strings inside the printhead which should be removed, especially from the front fan. Regards
  11. Hallo Heinz, versuchs mal mit einem Einzugsturm bzw. prime tower (in den Cura-Einstellungen unter "Duale Extrusion" zu finden). Grüße
  12. It seems to be solved. Actually, no update prompt anymore, installed Ultimaker ABS shows version 1.2.2
  13. Hi Feuille, there was an attempt before: https://community.ultimaker.com/files/file/2609-a-suggestion-for-a-new-support-type-i-call-it-ramifications but I as far as I know it never was implemented. Regards
  14. Hallo, Ultimaker stellt soweit ich weiß nur 0.25, 0.4 und 0.8 AA (bzw. 0.4 und 0.8 BB) Cores her. 0.6 gibt's nur beim CC Red. Grüße
  15. Hi, as @gr5 correctly suspects the tension setting screw IS set wrong. The internal parts of the feeder should look and be placed like this foto from the ultimaker.com website: ( https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011551340-Clean-the-feeders-on-the-Ultimaker-3 ). Note: it shows feeder 1, feeder 2 is mirrored. If the tension screw is installed correctly, it should be possible to set the tension indicator to the middle position (= default position). Regards
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