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Help with stringing after calibrating flow

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Posted · Help with stringing after calibrating flow

I've been trying to dial in my Cura from over extrusion issues. I checked my E steps, and found it was under by a few mm, Corrected that. Now I've been printing a calibration cube trying to get my wall thickness right. For whatever reason, It didn't reach the right thickness until my flow rate was around 40%. That seems crazy to me. A side effect of getting the flow rate going that low is now I have a lot of stringing. More than I've ever had an issue with before. I have tried to adjust my retraction distance and speed but I haven't noticed any changing in the stringing. I also dropped my print temp down in an attempt to fix that. I'm sort of at a loss without starting from 0 and trying to re-calibrate it all. Not that I would be surprised. 40% flow rate seems insane to me. If anyone can offer advise I would appreciate it.


Printer is a Maker Select v2 Microswiss .4 nozzle


Current default settings except for .2: flow rate% 40 Retraction 1.4mm Retraction Speed 40mm/s Print speed 60mm/s


Printing with Solutech PLA 190 Hot end


I'll provide any more information I can if it will help

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    Posted · Help with stringing after calibrating flow

    I don't know your printer, but a flow of 40% is not normal. So I guess you have done a mistake with your E steps and it is too high. Because when you set a lower flow, you basically reduce the E steps more less again from the software.

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