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Insufficient infill between layers

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What can I say, I can't use UM for long time as I getting issues with infill between layers


Some prints can be ok but most is destroyed in some time of print due to lack of infill (at all, looks like empty layer, when you check layer you can clearly see that there is no PLA extruded).

Temp 229, speed 50mm/s, original PLA.

Nozzle and head cleaned lots of times, same issue every time.

On lower temp I getting more often those empty layers... (interesting that I have full layer empty or with problem..., next layer is fine)



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There are several things that can cause this:

1) This looks a lot like what you see when the filament on the spool gets tangled for maybe 20 seconds. The extruder has to pull harder and harder until suddenly the spool turns and the tangle comes free. Make sure the filament isn't stuck at the start and middle of your print.

2) Measure the length of your extruder spring when the extruder is closed and there is filament in it. How long is the compressed spring? It should be 11 to 11.5 mm.

3) Make sure there is no dust on your filament. This can cause partial clogs.

Could you send a photo of your extruder? Also remove the filament and photograph the bolt. Check the bolt grooves to see if they are filled with filament. Make sure it looks like a good grip. Also examine the small black disk that squeezes the filament. Does it spin freely? With only a few inches of filament in the bowden tube, hold the filament back with one hand and turn the gear with the other. The feeder should be able to pull about 22 pounds.


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When you get 'empty' layers, I presume that the gcode (and hence printer) are still trying to extrude? The gear wheel keeps turning?

My guess would be that you're getting down the spool of filament a bit, and its got a tighter radius of curvature on it, and may be getting caught up on itself at times.

Try unspooling a meter or two of filament off the reel, and then let it coil back loosely. Keep doing that every few minutes, so there's always some slack to work from, and the extruder never has to actually actively 'pull' filament off the reel.


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It is extruder unit (too weak pressure on filament).

No big deal.

If any one wants to buy UM (from August) with heated bed (aluminium bed + glass on top) and heated chamber please PM. I'm living in UK.

Selling as we do not need UM any more and with right price I will add new extruder unit from our printer (which will be available in December), as we have own printers and UM can go on market :). Helped a lot to produce some pre-test parts (all parts in our printer comes from moulds ;) not from 3D printer).

With our extruder unit (which is designed from scratch) you will be printing lots of nice things on UM.


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