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Old UM 2+ or older UM 3 ?


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Posted · Old UM 2+ or older UM 3 ?

Hello makers;


Its my first time in this forum; 

I have a choice between getting a 6 years old ultimaker 2+, refurbrished, or an older ultimaker 3, refurbrished as well, and of corse more expensive.

The models I print need a very good accuracy, they are usually big models, and they need supports. Of course, the PVA supports option given by the UM3 is very helpful, but if only it was at the same price like as the UM2+ !!!

So my questions are ? 

Is it better to have a 6 months old UM2+ or older UM3 ? which one is more reliable ?

Is it easy to pull off the supports made by an UM2+ ?

Which machine requires less maintenance ?


Thank you in advance for your answers;


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    Posted · Old UM 2+ or older UM 3 ?

    The decision depends strongly on your requirements, but in short, if you don't need dual nozzles, 2 colors or PVA as support, then without thinking long about the 2+. I have a UM2Go, a UM3 and an S5 and recently bought a used 2+. Why? Because the printer simply prints very beautifully and, above all, dimensionally accurate. 


    Moving parts found on Thingiverse, I couldn't print with the UM3 and S5 at all and if then only with much effort to adjust the settings so that these parts are not fused after printing. With the UM2+ I print with default settings and it comes out perfectly.


    Both are very similar in terms of maintenance, but I'd say it's a bit more effort with the UM2+, since the PrintCores on the UM3 are already a fine thing.


    Dual print or with PVA support sounds good, it is, but don't forget that PVA is very expensive and takes forever to dissolve. Furthermore, PVA is very sensitive to humidity, which means the roll should be kept airtight and if you have longer prints, you should put the spool in a dry box while printing.


    I don't want to make the UM3 bad, but it can't compete with the UM2+ in terms of print quality and dimensional accuracy.

    I would therefore clearly recommend the UM2+.

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    Posted · Old UM 2+ or older UM 3 ?

    500 hours is not much.  It's around when you need to change the teflon part. 


    Expect to have to change that part every 500 hours.  It's a consumable like filament.


    The um2 will be less hassle, less learning curve,  and slightly better quality and make you happier but the um3 will be a little more flexible with the PVA option.  More learning curve for the UM3 (e.g. how to dry PVA and keep it dry).  More things that can go wrong.  But both of these printers are workhorses that will work hard and for years.


    I use my um2 printers 95% of the time but when I need PVA support, it's nice to have available.

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    Posted · Old UM 2+ or older UM 3 ?

    One last questions guys, what is the average time in hours upon which we consider that the printer is old, like in printing hours and lightening hours ?

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    Posted · Old UM 2+ or older UM 3 ?

    It's all relative, but 500 hours is nothing. The switch-on time says nothing at all, my printers, for example, are always switched on. But even if the printing hours are much higher, it's no problem. You might have to change bearings or belts, but that's easy and also very inexpensive.


    Don't worry, the UM printers can withstand a lot and are still very good even after years. Everything that could wear out is available individually as a spare part.


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    Posted · Old UM 2+ or older UM 3 ?

    Well, thank you a lot for your advice. It was really helpful 🙂 🙂 🙂

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