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Nozzle offset probe failed

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Posted · Nozzle offset probe failed

Hello everyone,


I am using ultimaker S3 with PLA and Natural PVA - as a support material(both ultimaker brand filaments), and I have been an issue where the BB 0.4 printer head is not extruding PVA, sometimes printing air in between the layers. Which will result in PVA not sticking on the print. The printer and materials are new and in good atmosphere condition.


I have looked into the issue by:
- cleaning the printing head BB 0.4 by means of cold pull/hot pull
- reload the PVA through the feeder
- adjust the tension on the feeder

I have restarted the print and notice that material is not moving forward of falls back a bit every time and having ticking sound, then I have been having the error saying- "Nozzle offset probe failed. Please check the nozzles and bed and try again".

(For cleaning the printing head, I have used the same PVA material. I guess, it wasn't the problem. Should I used the cleaning filament or PLA?)
In cura, I have the correct options: Extruder 1- PLA and Extruder 2- PVA, have all default seetings for both material and also activated the 'prime blob' option.
Attached, I have upload the Cura project and printed part-images. Please let me know, if anyone have any ideas. 

20191104_135412 -1.jpg

20191104_135416 -1.jpg

UMS3_finger-gripper-links4 -- test1.3mf

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    Posted · Nozzle offset probe failed

    Have you dried the PVA?

    I keep the PVA in a dry box with controlled humidity and when i start to print i make sure to extrude a good bit of filament so it is nice and clean and now brown spots on the filament.

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    Posted · Nozzle offset probe failed
    2 hours ago, bsohaliya said:

    thank you for your quick response.

    yes, the PVA filament is already dried and in good condition. The printer and material both are new (just 2 weeks old). I want to know, where can buy that dry box? 

    I think it is the Ploybox edition 2

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    Posted · Nozzle offset probe failed

    finally, problem solved.

    I have solved in the issue by cleaning the printing head BB 0.4 by means of hot pull about 40 times and cold pull about 10 times. In that, I have used ultimaker cleaning filament.

    Also when I moved the material manually to print core, noticed it seems to be that the material is ground down by the feeder and hardly moving towards the hot-end, so I cleaned the feeder -  (https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/36111-material-is-ground-down-by-the-feeder).

    And then, I followed a video of the lifting switch calibration, which solved following problem like: 'Different between detected height of both print cores exceeds realistic values'.

    Finally, I did Build-plate manual leveling and it works perfect.


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