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  1. So now that the smal part are oke I went a bit bigger but then I noticed something wierd. When there are small bits of infill it sort of curl up and does not stick very well to the previous layer. The bits of curled infill next to the wall get picked up by the nozzle and drops them later on. I lowerd the infill speed so it would have some time to stick to the previous layer. I dropped from 70 to 50 mm/s but it looks like it does not have very much of an effect. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  2. so I did a test with and without the Z offset and it did not make any visual difference. I did al my tests with a layer height of 0.1mm and these are the settings I got the best results with(on an Ultimaker S5): temp: 245/70 flow: 93.5 max retractions: 100 avoid parts: ON retraction speed: 35 retraction distance: 10 coasting: OFF Z offset: 0 And then I changed the layer height to 0.2mm and it came out even better. Here are some pictures of the tests: first pic is best result. second is in PLA. third is first and last result forth is first/worst test result
  3. So I have been doing test all day and I got rid of most of it by: -Reducing the flow from 100- 92.5. -Max retractions from 25-100 -avoid parts when printing OFF I still have a tiny 'antenna' left and a couple of fine hairs but no more blobs.
  4. So I know stringing this is a common problem with petg but I am not sure this is stringing. it looks like there are blobs on the side walls. Some of the the begin or end of a string But on the straight is does not make sens that there should be stringing. So my question is, is this stringing or something else and how can i fix this. I have already made a temp tower (245 was optimal). I also made some stringing test where I changed the retraction distance but those came out quit good -temp: 245 retraction distance 5 7.5 & 10mm retraction speed 35mm/s
  5. Its unchecked. so it would be the graphics card then. Cura is running on a laptop at work so I cant really do much about the components. But thanks for the suggestion.
  6. Alright, I thought it that the message was for the post. But I all makes sens now. Thanks👍
  7. When I posted the comment there was still a message in the screen saying it needs to be approved but its gone now so that is nice. I changed some setting on the tower and the problem only goes away when I disable the tower(or set size 0). I added a picture where you can see that I can see all of the layer when there is no tower. The travel is just there to change the nozzle. Do you also know why I can't change the 'color scheme' (top left of the pic) to lets say layer height so I can see what the settings on adaptive layer option does? I am on PC
  8. So it has been 3 days and this post still has not got approved... Is there something I missed when signing up?
  9. So every time I need a primetower (because I am printing with PVA as support material) I cant see all of the layers in detail. When in preview mode and go through the layers it stops at the height were the prime tower is. As you can see in the second picture(problem view 1) the detailed layer view wont go lower then the top layer of the support / the height of the prime tower. In the first picture (Full view) you can see the view settings, part, support and travel movements. In the last picture(Problem view 2 clear) I disabled the travel and helpers view to get a better shot. Does anyone have a solution for this? I can stil fully use Cura, I just want to be able to view all the layer. NickB.
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