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  1. For your question about not printing in the center I think you need to change this setting for your printer But the scaling part I am not sure. Does cura show the right dimensions if not it is most likely a problem with exporing the part form Fusion You could check if you are exporting in the right dimenions so: mm or inches. when you go to export (as stl) I belief there is a tab named 'settings' where you can change a lot of thing (not sure about this though)
  2. I think it is the Ploybox edition 2
  3. Have you dried the PVA? I keep the PVA in a dry box with controlled humidity and when i start to print i make sure to extrude a good bit of filament so it is nice and clean and now brown spots on the filament.
  4. Cura 4.2.1 I always wait a while before updating cura so there are no big bugs left in Cura mabye I will update soon to 4.3 or newer. Thanks for the response👍
  5. I have the same 'problem' but only if i try to select the hoops or linear axes at a point where it is close to the settings on the right side of cura. with close I mean with in 4 cm from the settings box
  6. Mabye there is a easyer solution😉(I always think of the hard ones first🤦‍♂️). have you tried printing with a (bigger) brim or a raft. If it still bends with these options then you could start looking into modifying the part.
  7. Temperature seem good, that wont be the problem. Are you using an Ultimaker and/or is your printer enclosed? I dont know where and in what kind of enviroment you are printing but mabye there is a gust/stream of wind that blows over the part and cools it down(to quickly). Mabye if you remove some surface area on the bottom in the middle it will 'warp' less there because there is less matieral that is in contact with the build plate. I have drawn a quick cross section view of your part (looking at the image i thought it looked like this🤔) In red is what I mean with less surface area:
  8. What kind of adhesion are you using? Mabye put a bit more down in the middle. I use 3Dlac from lay3rs and dont have any 'warping'. also what temperature are you using for what material?
  9. I think that this is the case. The Ultimaker S5 that I work with has the same problem at the start of all the dual color prints. It always retracts the second material but doesnt insert it back in
  10. Go to the settings and disable 'automatically drop models to the build plate' then you can change the Z hight of the model. (not sure if this will to the job) But why would you want to do this. why not glue it to the cilinder?
  11. When I watch the printer work it lays down 2 layers of core 1 and then 2 layers of core 2 but in an uneven pattern as an example: (core one is infill and core 2 is for walls) Core 2 lays down all bottom layers *switches to core 1 Core 1 lays down 1 layer of infill *switches to core 2 Core 2 lays down 2 layers of walls *switches to core 1 Core 1 lays down 2 layers of infill *switches to core 2 And it keeps going like this.
  12. Here is my profile. It is pretty standard no big changes. It's based up on the profile: Fine 0.1 This print is to showcase the infill pattern/percentage so it has no top layers, but it also happens with normal prints/settings UMS5 Profile dual color.3mf
  13. Yes the nozzles are seated correctly without any play. I will be printing dual color again today so i will take an other look. The strange thing is, is that I work with 2 Ultimaker S5 printers and both of them have this issue.
  14. If the machine is not working as it should be you can just send it back to ultimaker right? they could take a look at it or might refund the money. If you are going to dump/explode it you can also send it to me. 😉 🤔
  15. here is another picture from a dual color print with those weird layers
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