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Internal Supports??

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Posted · Internal Supports??

I'm struggling on what to even call what I'm looking for I would consider it an internal support but it is on the infill section of the part. I have a low infill density and sections of the part start out floating in mid air. I know the easy way to fix this is to bump up the infill but on a part this size that increases the print time and is really just wasting filament . Is there a way to add support or extra infill in certain regions of a part without just increasing overall infill density. I've attached a couple pictures that hopefully help explain what I need.





Annotation 2019-11-08 091425.png

Annotation 2019-11-08 091544.png

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Posted · Internal Supports??

Those "internal supports" have two names:  The primary name is "skin" and it's also called "top layers".  You can simply increase top layers.  You can also make the skin *wider* - search for "skin" in the settings and you will instantly see a lot of settings - the only one that won't show up is "top layers".


You can also use "gradual infill" to make the infill density low or even zero for most of the part and then get more and more dense as you approach a side wall or top wall.  I love this feature - it tends to reduce print time and weight by about 20% yet keep strength and good top layers/skin.


For starting out try:

infill density 50%

gradual infill steps 6

gradual infill step height 1mm (or less!)


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