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UM2 print pauses 1 to 3 minutes to completion


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Posted · UM2 print pauses 1 to 3 minutes to completion

I have a 10-hour print (customer model) that finishes prematurely. The other day it had finished at "3 minutes left" and when I arrived several hours after it was supposed to have finished it just stands there, bed heat is on and a little blob.

The first print it was actually also missing layers (more than "3 minutes").

I have resliced will all kinds of settings and repaired it with NetFabb (it actually found some holes).

But still it finishes prematurely at "1 min left". I'm going Bonkers.

This is my start of the gcode:


;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 13.11







G0 F3600 X30.44 Y73.91 Z0.30



G1 F1200 X32.74 Y73.91 E0.34470

G1 X32.98 Y73.80 E0.38476

G1 X33.57 Y73.60 E0.47868



and this is at the end:


G0 F9000 X183.21 Y153.02

G1 F3000 X182.35 Y153.88 E9785.13059


G0 F9000 X182.35 Y153.88 Z28.53

Why doesn't Ultigcode have a

";End GCode"

and heated bed heater off?

I kind of recall it did but now even when reverting to UM2 default profile settings, nothing even the UM robot has this??



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    Posted · UM2 print pauses 1 to 3 minutes to completion

    I presume that you've updated to the latest UM2 firmware from Cura 13.11?

    Yes, sadly, Cura doesn't provide start or end gcode options for the UM2... the printer has built-in start and end processing that it runs instead to do the things that are normally found in those code sections. Unfortunately, that means you can't tweak them to do what you might want.

    It does seem like a firmware and/or hardware glitch. I've heard it from other UM2 users, too, that this can happen.


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    Posted · UM2 print pauses 1 to 3 minutes to completion

    a quick test? lol!

    There are known problems with Marlin reading the SD card on UM2. What version of firmware do you have (go to the advanced menus and it's in there under "version"). I think I have 13.10-5 but I"m not sure if that is the version with the fix or not. I'm relying on memory of Daid's posts without looking for it.


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    Posted · UM2 print pauses 1 to 3 minutes to completion

    This is a known problem, and it's nr 2 on my priority list. (Yes, there is actually a bigger issue on my list)

    I do think I have a work-around, but it needs a manual edit of the GCode. If you add a M25 at the end of the GCode file, I think this problem is worked around.

    (Background info: Marlin seems to fail to detect the end of the SD file. I've not found the actual cause of the failure yet, it might be stuck on the last byte. But the M25 causes the SD print to stop, working around the problem)


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    Posted · UM2 print pauses 1 to 3 minutes to completion

    Thanks Daid. It would be nice to know all current issues as we are putting a lot of time into UM2 and trying to use it for customer projects...

    For reference, I do have the 13.10-5 firmware.

    I know you told me of:


    but it only lists the ABS temp bug I already reported and you fixed.

    Where are all the other issues reported? Both firmware and Cura-related I mean.

    Is there a public list?

    Really looking forward to all the bug fixes.



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