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Events API response type_id field

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Posted · Events API response type_id field

Starting to experiment with the api/v1/history/events      call.

It looks like the type_id can be used to sort the events


131076 is finished print

65538  is a print head change


Is there list of the supported types and meanings?


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    Posted · Events API response type_id field

    You can find the types on the printer in /usr/share/griffin/griffin/datatypes/eventType.py

    (needs active developer mode though)


    #0x0000XXXX range, system related events
    SYSTEM_STARTUP = EventType(0x00000001, "System started")
    CRITICAL_ERROR = EventType(0x00000002, "Critical error {0}")
    SYSTEM_RESET = EventType(0x00000003, "Cleared all settings and history")
    SYSTEM_MAINTENANCE = EventType(0x00000004, "The maintenance action {0} was performed by {1}.")
    #0x0001XXXX range, hotend related events
    HOTEND_CARTRIDGE_CHANGE = EventType(0x00010000, "Hotend {0} changed to {1} with serial {2}")
    HOTEND_MATERIAL_CHANGE = EventType(0x00010001, "Hotend {0} material changed to {1} by {2}")
    HOTEND_CARTRIDGE_REMOVE = EventType(0x00010002, "Hotend {0} removed")
    #0x0002XXXX range, print related events
    PRINT_STARTED = EventType(0x00020000, "Print {0} started with name {1}")
    PRINT_PAUSED = EventType(0x00020001, "Print {0} paused")
    PRINT_RESUMED = EventType(0x00020002, "Print {0} resumed")
    PRINT_ABORTED = EventType(0x00020003, "Print {0} aborted")
    PRINT_FINISHED = EventType(0x00020004, "Print {0} finished")
    PRINT_CLEARED = EventType(0x00020005, "Print {0} cleared")
    #0x0010XXXX range, authentication related events
    AUTHENTICATION_KEYS_ADDED = EventType(0x00100000, "API Authentication added for application: {1} user: {2} with id: {0}")
    AUTHENTICATION_KEYS_REMOVED = EventType(0x00100001, "API Authentication removed for application: {1} user: {2} with id: {0}")


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