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40-50% of jobs end up printing offset

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Posted · 40-50% of jobs end up printing offset

Can anyone give me some pointers on this as I'm a noob and trying to play catch-up.


About 50% of the jobs I print fail as the print will sometimes start OK, and then 'offset' by anything from 1-2mm up to 15mm - I've attached an image of an example this morning.


Clearly, being offset from the brim is a bit of a pain but not disastrous but when it happens towards the end of a job, it makes me want to throw the whole thing out of the window...


I've had issues where belts weren't tight enough and seeing the effect of the belt 'missing a tooth' on the cog, but I get the impression this behaviour is something else.


I'm using Cura 3.2.1 and the printer is an AM8 derivative.


Any advice and pointers to get this fixed would be gratefully received.


Thanks in advance!



3D print is offset.jpg

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    Posted · 40-50% of jobs end up printing offset

    I would say: start by marking all pulleys, belts, etc. with a marker. And see if they move relatively to each other.


    Or otherwise, check if the driver-chips don't get too hot (e.g. cooling fan not working, vents blocked), so they do a temporary thermal shutdown, until temp drops again to a safe level.


    Check if the cables to the steppers are okay, no bad contacts?


    These are the first things that come to mind, but I don't know your printer, so there could be other issues.


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