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Ultimaker 2 blocks after 10 seconds of operations

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Hi all, we received our Ultimaker2 last friday. After fixing some minor issues (mostly related to how UM2 has been assembled) we started printing. We only used the SD print, we never tried to print with Cura.

We successfully printed 2 UltimakerRobots :) (just to tune the printer) and finally yesterday we started to make some more "serious" things :) Not too complex (basic cylinders to assess the resolution of the printer).

After 2 prints the UM2 has stopped to work. Front panel was blocked.

We supposed the problem was related to the Cura conversion of our STL so we tried to re-generate the gcode.

Same problem. We tried to print again the UltimakerRobot using the original SD. Same issue. After ~20 seconds the printer is blocked.

We have read some forum hints so we decided to restore factory defaults (same problem) and then re-flash the firmware (using Cura 13.11). Same as before.

After the restore of the factory setting we had to "initialize" the printer. Even the positioning of the build plate during the calibration phase blocks the printer.

As last test, we tried to print using Cura. Of course the print fails but what we noticed is that while the front panel is blocked, the software jog controls (one of the tab of the Cura print panel) are working, I mean, we were able to command the printer via USB but not using the front panel.

Has anyone else seen similar problems?

Thank you in advance for your support.


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Contact support. We've recently identified a problem with the cables going to the front panel, which could be causing your issue.

In the mean time, you can check the bottom of the machine. Not sure how willing you are to pull thing apart, but the cable going from the display to the main electronics should not have any loops or twists in it, this causes serious communication issues with the SD card and the display. (If you're not comfortable at checking this yourself, contact support by email, I'm sure they have more solutions they can offer then I can)

We're also making some modifications to this cable to improve it, and providing better instructions for our assembly line.


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Hi Daid,

Thank you for the information. Yesterday I sent an email to the support. I hope to receive some help soon. I tried to open the bottom box covering the electronic but I need also to "release" at least the left side panel.

By the way I noticed that 2 wires of the Z stepper motor are crushed between the metal box and the bottom panel.

Ultimaker2 Crushed Cables

I dont know if this may cause any issue.


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Hi GR5, thank you again for your support. I have not touched the gray cables because as soon as I removed the metallic cover the printer started to work.

What for me is not acceptable is that I've not bought a 50 bucks chinese toy where the "almost" cutted wires could be something usual to see.

Ultimaker2 costs 2500 dollars and I guess the price is not linked to the cost of the single parts, but this is the price to pay to have what Ultimaker defines in their home page:


  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Designed for non-expert and expert

Now I briefly summarize all the problems I found in the printer I received:

1) the X slider block was shifted on the right. As draw back the home microswitch (on the top-left of the printer) was not touched by the slider so that the stepper motors did not stop at home position

UM2 Home Microswitch

2) the other side of the slider was touching the internal right panel

UM2 Right Panel

(Thank you to Sander we fixed the problem)

3) the wires of the home microswitch were touching one of the motor belt

4) the bottom cable connecting the build plate was under the plate so that when then plate was lowered it was bandy

5) the Z stepper wires are "almost" cutted

6) the printer doesn't work with the metal cover installed

7) the wiring seems made by my 5 year old son

If this is the definition of easy to use, reliable and designed for non-expert then it's ok.

In addition to that, I sent several mails to support and sales but, up to now, I've not received any reply.


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Hi Luca,

Thank you for your patience.

I will ask my colleague from technical support to get back with you on a short notice.

Thank you for your patience.

If I understand correctly issue 1 and 2 have been solved?

Are you still experiencing difficulties with the other points?

Some seem to be inconvenient, but not necessarily causing problems.

If will sent you a new Z stepper motor, so you can replace the one you have now.

I am not sure about the cover of the electronics, my initial thought would be not a short circuit, but by placing the cover you bend the wire in a way it gets interference. I will get back with you on this one.

Thank you for your time and patience, have a great day.

And I am looking forward to hear from you on the status of your other points.


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