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Posted · Cant find location?

It's been a while since I used my 3D printer but getting back into it has cost me some money due to the fact my older one was not working properly because I was using the wrong power supply and bought two more inexpensive ones. So while printing the sample owl that comes with the Anycubic Mega Zero and using Cura to slice and print. After designing with 3D Builder and saving then opening in Cura to slice and print my object is not even anywhere near the software plate for slicing, once I arrange object to a closer position on the plate I attempt to slice and says cannot slice and gives a list of 4 things that could be possibilities..and even before the initial the Cura program states it cannot find the location within the build volume for all objects, what does that even mean? But if I shrink the object it will slice but print the small size, my build blate is 220,220,250mm,,, any ideas?

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