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UM2 Shifting layer. Same layer each attempt

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Posted (edited) · UM2 Shifting layer. Same layer each attempt


Ultimaker 2 keeps shifting layer at the exact same place in each attempt, it happens at about the second hour of each print





I've been tightening pulleys as hard as I can.


I've checked the slicing preview and gone over and over again but nothing abnormal happens on the preview 


I've lowered the motor X&Y current from 1300ma to 1200ma, I've also tried 1100ma but nothing changes is always the same layer that shifts regardless of anything I do .



Other things I tried


I've  tried older versions of Cura  

I tried different card readers

I've tried greasing and oiling as the manual instructs

I've ensured belts are tighten.


printings attempts are done at different times so power flickers are very unlikely.


I wonder what I'm I missing.

Is always the same layer





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Posted · UM2 Shifting layer. Same layer each attempt



Already tried(?):
1 firmware update on the printer. (Maybe something is shot)
2 Another print file. (It's unlikely, but maybe it's a bug in the parser.)
3 A hack. Exchange motor for X and Y. (I have never done it before. Don't know if that fits. But if you can, try it.)
4 If it stays, the board may be broken. This is sometimes offered as a replacement.


Best wishes

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Posted (edited) · UM2 Shifting layer. Same layer each attempt

Hi cesern,


You've already got good advice here, -but maybe a little analysis can save you some work.


I would like to know if this occur on the X or Y axis?

Is this time or bed height related?

Did you try to print another known good print to see if it fails here too?

If you measure all failed prints with a slider, is the height of these equal?


(Just a small note: If you print to fast with your printer it may loose step, this is due to the fact that the torque decrease as a function of the stepping speed. This is because the magnetic fields cannot build up fast enough and loose its torque as speed increase. So every stepper motor have a max speed. This kind of loosing step may happen when the stepper change direction..  So yes I've done that, by purpose..

Edit: I've forgotten to mention that, such an error can be located to a single fixed point in your printed object. Just so it is mentioned.)


Can you share the gcode file for us to see (the file that's on the SD card)?


I can look at this file and even print it if needed.







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