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  1. Hi could anyone please point me where to get the motor steppers for the UM2. I need to replace the motor steppers for x & y. I've given up on them. I think they just keep reheating no matter how much I reduce the current. Is always the same layer at the same time. I've tried it all with over tightening pulleys and all, but don't know what else to do other try new motors. Had a previous post but couldn't get much help. Also, I've seen some motors advertised as UM2 extended in wish.com and Ali express. Are they the same as the UM2. Appreciate any help and direction where to get this motor steppers
  2. Ultimaker 2 keeps shifting layer at the exact same place in each attempt, it happens at about the second hour of each print I've been tightening pulleys as hard as I can. I've checked the slicing preview and gone over and over again but nothing abnormal happens on the preview I've lowered the motor X&Y current from 1300ma to 1200ma, I've also tried 1100ma but nothing changes is always the same layer that shifts regardless of anything I do . Other things I tried I've tried older versions of Cura I tried different card readers I've tried greasing and oiling as the manual instructs I've ensured belts are tighten. printings attempts are done at different times so power flickers are very unlikely. I wonder what I'm I missing. Is always the same layer
  3. Thanks very much for all your posts guys. Thanks Torgeir for your detail post. very interesting set up, clever release handle. Maybe I should invest in printing out parts like this rather than actual upgrades
  4. Hi. I have a UM2. I want to upgrade to UM2+. I can’t quite afford the expensive official upgrade kit , but I can see the parts are available individually for a fraction of the price online. My question is.. Is it possible to Upgrade one part at a time? I’m tempted to start with the motor & feeder and then save up a little more and then later in the year depending on affordability maybe upgrade the head and shafts. Eventually I,ll get the least important stuff like the spool holder and sticker My main concern is at what point do you update firmware. Do I have to update firmware of the printer for each part installed, I wonder how sensitive can it be? or Is it best to wait and install all in one go once everything is complete and ready to fully install? I suspect the motor and feeder are the most crucial parts on the upgrade and maybe this is the only time that the printer really needs the firmware upgrade. I suspect I’m most likely very wrong about this idea, but please let me know your answers and how you upgraded. Thanks. Much appreciated in any answer
  5. Thanks very much for your answers guys
  6. Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated for this information. I'm only wondering what's the difference when it come to quality. Does the layers seem more neat, smooth and stronger? I think I also remember seeing discussions about warping.
  7. ?Hi I have just started 3d printing with Ultimaker 2, I am so happy printing so many things, so easy to use and even pleasant to watch with such an elegant machine?. I'm now about to finish my first filament spool, have looked at the spool prices and the happy feeling is over?. Only kidding Still happy but just worry on choosing the right filament. I already made a big sacrifice on buying the printer itself I now need to look for affordable prices but at the same time have good quality. ?Could I please ask the community for any recommendations on good quality affordable filaments. The internet has so many companies I don't want to fall victim for cheap stuff. I live in manchester so ideally would like to buy from as near as possible to save on post. Thanks very much for your help
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