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UM2 Ext. Operating temperatures

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Posted · UM2 Ext. Operating temperatures



We have a UM2 Extended (not the + version, the first one),  and we recently changed the heater cartridge because we got a "heater error". I heard it is fairly typical after lots of print hours, which we have done, so no problem there.


However, after the heater replacement we noticed that the motherboard case gets quite hot, and wanted to ask if that is normal. We never checked the temperatures before so we don't know the normal operating temperatures. 


We measured 48 ºC on the outside of the electronics case and 67 ºC on the case of the stepper motors. That was with a calibrated contact probe we have so these should be accurate measurements. 


Thank's in advance,


Joan Marc

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Posted · UM2 Ext. Operating temperatures

Hi Johnny24,


Welcome in here.

I'll think 48 deg. C., on the outside metal cover is pretty high!

This may lead to overheating of the small stepper driving ICS. If it's this hot I would have installed fan just to blow under there while printing. I'll think that there was planned to be a fan or two in the original edition of UM2. Somehow this was skipped, but maybe this was an optional thing for operation in hot countries?

On the main PCB there is a connector to be used for a 24 V DC fan..

You may also check that the current settings for the stepper motors is at correct level that's normally 1200 mA.


Good Luck







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