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X and Y Axis is noticeably off/angled

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I'm using an Ultimaker 2

The buildplate is level


After doing a calibration print and trying to print one of my phone case designs at a smaller scale, I noticed that the X and Y axis is off, which causes my print to be angled.

When looking down at the printer from the top I can see that the X and Y rods crossing at the hotend are slightly off center. To me it looks like I have to remove the belts and adjust them to get the machine printing straight.


It's hard to see in the pics, but still noticeable.

Here is an example:




Is there a better/easier way to fix this issue?


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The belts go through a "block". It sounds like the 2 X blocks on the front and back side are not lined up. Either that or the 2 Y blocks aren't lined up.

You can open up these blocks - I haven't done it yet - I'm not sure how you do it but it should be pretty simple. Inside there is a belt tightening mechanism and some way to let the belt slip. You can either let the belt slip through so that the axis is now lined up...

Or alternatively you can loosen the set screws on the two pulleys on one of the sides and you can then move the belt on one side without the other. Get everything nice and square and lined up and then tighten those set screws tight. Tighten them very very very tight. Else they will slip.


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The second suggestion from gr5 is what you need to do, re-adjusting the pulleys on both X and Y to make sure the belts are parallel to the frame. It is easier if you are two persons doing this.

Do NOT try to open the slider blocks. They are not designed to be opened and I think they are difficult/almost impossible to close again.


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Problem Solved!

I picked option C!

I was able to slide the rods out and create enough slack to manually adjust the belts without opening the belt tension blocks and without taking anything apart(like the case). I just measured between the X and Y axis rods to get it perfectly centered.

The Ultimaker 2 has been fairly easy to fix when something needs to be addressed.


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