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What's the latest UM2+ FW version, and where do I find the info?

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Posted · What's the latest UM2+ FW version, and where do I find the info?

The UM2 firmware wasn't updated for a long time, I would say the latest is 3 years old or so.


The Firmware is bundled with Cura so when you connect the printer via USB you can update it, no need to download it first. 

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    Posted · What's the latest UM2+ FW version, and where do I find the info?

    The latest UM2(+) firmware is included with Cura and had its last update with the Cura 3.3 release in April 2018.


    There is also a beta version which fixes some bugs but never made it to an official release:

     https://github.com/Ultimaker/UM2.1-Firmware/blob/UM2.1_JarJar/releases/beta/MarlinUltimaker2plus_20181007.hex  (right click on link, and then 'save link as').


    These are the changes compared to the v3.3 Cura release:

    Copied stepper module fixes from UM3 / Open source Marlin project. These fixes solve the problem where during fast movements you sometimes heard a loud tick sound like some mechanical hiccup was occurring.
    - Fix: the multiply routine could have an overflow, solved by adding a 24x32-bit routine
    - Fix: ensure the stepper interrupt triggers immediately again when it takes too long.
    Improve material import:
    - Fix: a material name length of 8 (or more) would crash the printer. Now consistently allow a length of 8 characters everywhere.
    - Fix: illegal values for the material retraction-length and retraction-speed are now set to default values.
    - Change: Improve error handling for very large positive or negative numbers.
    Other changes:
    - New: added Tough PLA (TPLA) material profile.
    - Fix: retract at end of print. Contributed by TinkerGnome.
    - Fix: another bug with retraction at end of print. If we were already retracted (G10), then we were retracting too much.
    - Fix: M117 was missing a character when printing via USB. Cherry-picked from UMO repository. Contributed by AmedeeBulle
    - Change: Changing material during a print is made 15 to 30 seconds faster by removing an unneeded filament heat-up (the filament is already hot).
    - Returning from the preset menu did not set focus on the preset menu (1 off)
    - Several trivial beautifications.
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