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Unable to load submitted 3MF files with Cura Settings


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Posted · Unable to load submitted 3MF files with Cura Settings

Hi! I work in a public library and manage 4 3D printers (two 3s and two S3s) which we use to print patron submissions. Patrons are instructed to download Cura, choose settings, and save and submit as 3MF files. Library computers run on Windows 10.


In the past, this sometimes worked and sometimes didn't - some patron files would open with all their chosen settings and some wouldn't. Since getting the S3's and updating to 4.8, no files have opened with settings. Attached are some example files patrons have submitted - none have loaded with their settings and I have tried both preferences of "always open as a project" and "always ask me" whether or not to open as a project.


I read elsewhere that I could open 3MF files to manually read and find this information, but I am not sure how to do this. Tried opening in Notepad but just had random characters. However, even if I could open up files manually to find the info I need (Layer Height, support, which parts of model are printing from which extruder for 2 color prints, etc.) this still seems time consuming.


I also read elsewhere that if the 3MF file is saved in another program, it will not load with cura project settings. For patrons submitting from home, this is possible, though unlikely. And I know for a fact that many of the files were done in Cura because they were done by the patron in the library and I watched them save and submit a 3MF project file. These too do not load with settings.


So, questions I have:

  1. Is there something easy/obvious that I'm missing to get these to load with their settings?
  2. We have 4 different printer profiles set up for each printer - is there some adjustment/interference there that I'm unaware of and need to fix?
  3. How does one manually open a 3MF file to inspect if this is in fact a viable option?


Our workflow is based on patrons doing the work and us accepting/printing files. Not having them load with settings prevents that from functioning. I appreciate any and all insight and help!

_CELESTEArtHouse (2).3mf UMS3_TTT Ohana Test 2.3mf

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    Posted · Unable to load submitted 3MF files with Cura Settings

    I think I know the issue.  If you open a project file it should then ask you if you want to open it as a single model or the whole project.  I'm guessing it's not asking you.  It should also often ask if you want to update the machine "ultimaker 3".  Anyway go to menu option "preferences" "configure cura".  Scroll all the way down and there is a dropdown just below "default behavior when opening a project file".  Set it to "always ask".  Or to "always open as project"


    Answer to #3.  Rename it to ".zip" instead of ".3mf".  Then double click on it and the files in there are all (mostly?) text files. 


    If this doesn't work I would try completely erasing all the user settings on the machine that you are using to load the project files.  You will lose all settings and all machine types you configured so maybe test this out on a different computer?  Here's how to do that:




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    Posted · Unable to load submitted 3MF files with Cura Settings

    Okay so that's not the issue.  I looked at your first 3mf file.  It's not a project file.


    In cura when you save the project DO NOT DO: "file" "export".  This saves a 3mf file that contains only the model.


    Instead do "file" "Save project...".  This saves all the settings.  And also the model.


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    Posted · Unable to load submitted 3MF files with Cura Settings

    So I have an idea!


    I unzipped the project files and saw the same thing you did. I realize now that there are two different ways to save 3MF files in Cura and I imagine patrons are doing the first:


    1. After you hit slice, the big blue button says "Save to File". You can click this and then click "3MF"
    2. After you hit slice, you go to "File", "Save Project" and it defaults to the only option, 3MF.


    These two 3MF files are not the same! The 3MF file saved in Cura in option 1 does not have all the info whereas the 3MF file saved with option 2 does. This is pretty interesting to me that saving as the same file type within the same program produces two different results, but I'm glad that is what's going on. I did this all with library computer so I will test by giving instructions to a patron to resubmit and then report back.


    But I imagine they are saving with the big blue button - because it's big, right there and intuitive.

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    Posted · Unable to load submitted 3MF files with Cura Settings

    And the 3rd option is they might hit "file" "export".  Which is also bad (just saves the model).

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