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ProBundle skipping print jobs w/o warning


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Posted (edited) · ProBundle skipping print jobs w/o warning



Im not sure is this right place to this bug or have anyone reported this yet. I really dont know what causes this. After i update Cura to 4.9.0 i have this "bug" that skips prints in que. Not sure if it is Cura bug or DF bug or printer firmware bug. Printer start new job, loads the G-code, then start it's "start routine", load materia, levels the bed, ect. like it would and then just stops, lower bed and start next job in que. No "confirm to remove" or no error or anything.

In DF it says that print finished and it shows print time like normal, "Finished 3d 11h 02min" even it have not printed at all. This can cause destruction of print core. I got lucky today when i have ABS print and next was coming CF materia in que and it did this. I dont think i  have any change to check g-codes to see if thous print jobs have empty g-code, just start and end routine codes.

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    Posted · ProBundle skipping print jobs w/o warning



    This could be caused by many different things, although it's unlikely the Digital Factory as that part of the system just transfers the files. Since you indicate the problem started after updating to Cura 4.9, I'll move this question over to that subforum.


    In the meantime, a few questions to help you debug:


    1. Did you recently update the firmware version on your Pro Bundle? And if so, did the problem start after that?

    2. Can you try slicing something again in Cura 4.8 (you can install multiple versions of Cura side by side), and see if the problem also occurs for those print jobs?

    3. Could you export the G-code that was sliced in Cura 4.9 to local disk (instead of sending it to the printer) so you can open it up for inspection? If you also do this in Cura 4.8, you could compare both G-codes side by side. If you're exporting a UFP file instead of a plain G-code, simply rename the file from .ufp to .zip and then unzip it, the actual G-code can be found in the extracted folders.



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    Posted (edited) · ProBundle skipping print jobs w/o warning

    1. No. My 5s + MS was again in maintaince, i do have allsorts of problems with this machine, and there they update it to 6.2.1. it was over month ago. 23.3.2021 i got it back. all works "normal", Not working printer normal but "my UM S5 normal". More of this later. This all this started to happen after i update cura to 4.9.0 and 4.9.1. I did update S5 firmware to 6.3.0 few weeks ago, cant remember the day, but it didnt help.

    2.  I have duplicate the "skipped print" in DF and it prints second one normally. So the G-code is there. And it prints like it should. print is flaweles. All that i have sliced now after last "lost print" all have normal g-codes in cura 4.9.1. So the g-code is send ok to printer. And ofc the "duplicate the print" works after that. It just skips randomly.

    3.  4.8 and 4.9 g-codes looks similar. For quick look throu i cant find anything that causes this kinda problem.


    I have find that when i need to remove materia spool and install new one sometimes it trigger this. But not all the time.


    My printer is what they call "monday"version, really shitti unit. I have owned it 5 months now and this machine have spend 2 months in repairshop. All sorts of errors and failed prints. And the maintaince guy cand find anything wrong. And hi is only UM repair dude in my country... I just cant have my printer sit and sit in his shop week after week..


    Is it ok that belts rub in pulleywheels and make squeaking noises? repair guy says that is normal and hi cant do anything abouth it. I dont think it is normal.


    Here is some of my errors that i had. Not all thou. Maybe this will help.


    After 1.2.2021 i start to log allmost all errors. There is alot of errors before this

    ER998, 21times
    ER999, 19times
    ER54, 7times
    ER65, 22times
    ER64, 5times

    ER63, 2times
    ER67, 2times

    After last visit to repairshop i got all abow. 
    And yes i got my ProBundle back and "working" 27.3 and first print was error. 
    They give me "new"(used) and tested(not) "working" MS...

    27.3    Er58 Slot-D, PC, core1
    27.3    Er58  Slot-c, pc, core1
    27.3     Er65 Slot-D, pc, core1
    29.3     Er 58 Slot-D, pc, core1
    30.3     Er58 Slot-E, cpe+, core1
    31.1     Er58 Slot-E, cpe+, core1
    2.4     Er58 Slot-f, pva, core2
    4.4     Er58 Slot-e, abs, core1
    6.4     Er58 Slot-f, pva, core2
    6.4     Er56 Slot-f, pva, core2
    9.4     Er65  Slot-b, abs, core1
    10.4     Er65 Slot-b, abs, core1
    12.4     Er65 Slot-b, cpe+, core1
    15.4     Er58 Slot-c, cpe+, core1
    17.4     Er58 Slot-d, cpe+, core1
    17.4     Er58 Slot-d, abs, core2
    19.4     Er58 Slot-e, abs, core1 
    19.4     Er58 Slot-F, ABS, core2
    20.4     Er65 Slot-b, abs, core1
    22.4     Er58 Slot-c, cpe+, core1
    22.4     Er58 Slot-C, cpe+, core1
    1.5     Er65 Slot-D, abs, core 2


    Yes all theyar MS relaited problems. So chanching my newly bought ms to this old used unit make away some of the problems but give me same amount of failed prints. Now i only print via alot A to 1core and  F to core 2 so i can avoid errors. Because after 3.5 i notice that like that the printer works allmost good. 




    3k machine and i need to work like this. Well it is working....


    After all im still hapy how this printer is printing when hi/she/it is printing.


    Shuld i make another topic abouth this error list? 








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    Posted · ProBundle skipping print jobs w/o warning

    Sounds like you have a really problematic unit and maybe contact your reseller for a replacement? There really shouldn't be so many errors. I'm not 100% sure about Ultimaker's (or your reseller's) replacement policy, but I would at least ask for it.


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    Posted · ProBundle skipping print jobs w/o warning

    I have try it. They dont change the unit. Only try to repair it what they cant do. Thats why i get this used MS. It was they's demo unit. Well it was ok to me because i thought that it is working one. 

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    Posted · ProBundle skipping print jobs w/o warning

    Ah okay. I'm not sure what hardware is used for demo units, might be pre-production units with less thought-out cabling and such.

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    Posted · ProBundle skipping print jobs w/o warning
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    Posted · ProBundle skipping print jobs w/o warning

    Kalibrating MS Seemed to help me in the past.... an other thing is putting the printing speed lower.    But for the rest I am in the dark. 


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