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Best UPS for UM3 ext.

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Posted · Best UPS for UM3 ext.

Hi there,


after a print of 3d+ failed the second day becauso of a lighning and a 1sec power-off I will want to think about a UPS for the UM3.


But before buying an atomic reactor or 2 Mignon AAA-Batteries I would like to know what would be a good value to look for when investing in a new UPS.


I kind of read here that the UM3 uses 350 Watts but that is only what I read and I own an extended version which might have different values. I don´  t know. Anyhow maybe someone already did the calc. and can give me a hint on what kind of values to look for whne purchasing a good UPS.

A best it should be able to keep the current rolling for a time so that I can still react when I´  m not at home.

Maybe, just maybe there would be one to hook up to the net and it could be able to call you up and be set to a nice voice (M/F/D) to tell you that the print will fail in X minutes, whe not at home to save the print..

I´ ld feel like McClane to save it!



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    Posted · Best UPS for UM3 ext.

    It is 20 years ago since I last selected an UPS. A few things I vaguely remember:


    - Find the continuous power it has to be able to deliver. See the name-plate on your machine. Multiply that value by 2x, to account for variations, little add-ons like a LED spot, and system-degradation.

    - Find the peak-current it has to deliver. Some devices may draw a fairly low continuous average power, but with occasional high peaks. Multiply that peak by 2x, just to be safe.

    - Chose the time the UPS has to hold up these values.

    - Look up the dimensions and the prices of UPSses. And then fall on your back from astonishment. And reduce your up-time to more realistic and affordable expectations.


    Most power-outages do not last longer than a few seconds to minutes. If it lasts much longer, then a failed print probably isn't going to be the worst side-effect you are going to have. So I would go for maybe 20-30 minutes up-time. After a couple of years the batteries will degrade, and you will still have 10-15 minutes.


    If you expect frequent power losses for a much longer time, like in California whenever there are high winds, storms, thunders, draughts, freezes, wildfires, no-winds (=no wind power), etc..., then you'd better get a diesel generator too to power your house. The UPS then is to get over the first minutes so the print doesn't abort, and then the diesel takes over. Use non-bio diesel or fuel, because the bio-fuels degrade fast due to algae and bacteria growth, and they lubricate less and are chemically more agressive, shortening the engine-life.


    An UPS - even a small one - is also good in case of unstable power, or overvoltages, as it regulates and protects.


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    Posted · Best UPS for UM3 ext.
    On 6/14/2021 at 1:45 PM, geert_2 said:

    - Look up the dimensions and the prices of UPSses. And then fall on your back from astonishment. And reduce your up-time to more realistic and affordable expectations.

    😆😂😂 word up!

    That´  s what I am afraid of... I heard of people buying a tesla just for using the powercells i.g. one created a ship with that kind of drive.

    But that is 100% me. I start out with a small UPS and then I end up with the "diesel"-Version which isn´  t quit economical regarding the printer and the things I print (including the fails).


    Anyhow I thank you for your input and your thought about the UPS-calculations and I will keep that in mind when eventually buying one.

    The second print went great though (endured 3 days because it was a 100% infill print because of the pressure the thing had to cope with)... t was a decent print!







    PS: Question/Answer regarded as "answered" or"solved" whatever suits you best...

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