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  1. Hallo Christian, erstmal vielen Dank für deine vielen Ansätze. Also der Core ist neu. Daran kann es eigentlich nicht liegen, vor allem weil ich mit dem ja noch dieses Monsterteil heile gedruckt hatte. Was den Flow anbelangt, mache ich da (vor allem bei den PLA-Filamenten) eigentlich nur wenig herum. Das hatte ich nur mal bei dem Material von ColorFabb. Ich glaube das war XT-CF20, da musste ich den Flow erhöhen und das Ergebnis war dann auch gut. Der Lüfter sollte eigentilch auch noch klar sein. Ich höre Ihn auf jeden Fall noch tun. Wenn er zeitwe
  2. Hi, ich versuche es jetzt das erste Mal mit dem deutschen Forum... Habe seit neuester Zeit ein Problem mit meinen Drucken. Ich habe vor ein paar Tage meinen "Airintake" meines PKW erneut gedruckt, weil die Vollpfosten von der Werkstatt den Schlauch samt dem Airintake abgebrochen hatten und musste feststellen, dass dem Druckkopf nach einer Weile komplett das Material versagte. Ich habe dann gedacht es liegt an den Einstellugnen und habe die Temperaturen angepasst und den Lüfter auch runtergeregelt (war vorher 20%). Selbes Ergebnis! Ich habe ein Foto gepo
  3. Great Tomahawk_101, somehow I could not find it there... it only displayed the motor for the um3.. ( not the extd. version and there the cable for the ext. is too short).. Therefore the thread is closed. Greetings Daniel
  4. Hi to all again.. Short question: As my ultimaker makes strange klicking noises in both stepper motors I don´´ t want to find out what happens if one gets blocked. So I want to change both (bearings and stepper motor). Trying to find a suitable replacement (original) I could not find anything for the UM3 Ext. So I made some research and came to this stepper-motor: https://www.amazon.de/STEPPERONLINE-Schrittmotor-Bipolar-42x60mm-DRUCKER/dp/B00PNEQUZ2/ref=pd_bxgy_2/257-8638925-5617602?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00PNEQUZ2&pd_rd_r=b842af7f-b5ea-4759-89ee-21
  5. Ok, now that we are all through x-mas and newyears time, party, headake and afterparty... ... I finally started to draw some basic sketches and make some prints. Now the hardware is there and I could take the measurements according to the hardware and that is what came out (see fotos). So now I have solved the hardware-problem (minus 1-2 issues --> The cover for the laser-tunnel is still missing but what the heck)... I then did some testing and the installation worked fine. The only thing is that I had to organize some different size screws as the ol
  6. Great! Thanks again... You´ re a great teacher. Now I even know that... so instead of Compiling the whole program each time, running the .pyc-code is much easier for the interpreter to understand and thus saves time. I can even decompile those files back to the original scripts. That is wild! Understood the ID and KEY, log as well. Now I´ m starting to draw again because today I got myself a small touchscreen I want to implement ontop of my rasp... makes programming and testing the code later much easier.. Greetings Daniel
  7. Yep, all worked out for me. Testing worked great and all of the scripts are doing just what they are supposed to do.. Thanks again for the forwarding. So I guess I close the subject for now. I wish to all of you that you will have a great christmas in the upcomming days and weeks and that all your wishes (for filaments and stuff YEAH) are going to come true... ;O) For myself I had a wish for a new kind of filament (Ultrafuse 316L from BASF) which I will test in January .. the only thing I have to figure out is the shrinkage of the printed objects to after the sinte
  8. tinkergnome, you are my hero!!! Great job. You even thougt about adapting my IP-Adress. This just brings me so much further... So to say I will have to authorise the PC for once and then it will be executed without asking me that authoristaion again. GREAT! Once I advance with the Raspberry project. I will most certainly keep you uptdated. Just to be sure (I will test it tomorrow): So for example if I run a print and I want to pause it. I ´ ll go into the command mode (CMD) and I start the pausing python-file throughout python and it should
  9. Hi tinkergnome, thank you for your help so far. Slowly I am understanding better now (slowly). So first of all it is not that I am not thinking about programming python. It is just that I haven´t had any experience in it without getting to run a program (timelapse.py) that I found somewhere and it helped alot understanding where a print failed. This I could get to run with some time but I did not programm it. So I litterally have had to look up what "put" or "get" means. So I used the code that was displayed in your links and tried to start it (addin
  10. Hi, I am trying to build an interruptor to save filament and or to "pause" prints, when no filament is available anymore. An important step to complete this task is to be able to change the state of the printer from "Printing" to "pause". I asked some pros in the exibition "formnext" and they told me in the api of the Ultimaker there should be a code. So I looked it up. I found someting promising, but I don´ t get too far. I will add some screenshots so you will see, what I am talking about. 1. The api asks me an authorisation. Somehow it lets me go fo
  11. Ok, now we´ re getting there. Slowly but still ok... was to busy recuperating from work over the weekend so I could not find any motivation for the raspberry.... Yesterday that changed. So finally I managed to load an image to the board but couldn´ t try it because I overlooked to buy an adapter from HDMI to micro-HDMI. Small thing but it ruined my day. So today I got one and believe it or not: The smal PC is alive! Then today I made all the changments and updates on it so I can start implementing the programme and the diode. Finally I´ m waiting to ge
  12. To all of you, thank you for your input so far. But I think I will define my thoughts a bit more in detail because I´ m not thinking of "tweaking" the spool but I´ m building a direct filament-trap... I will attach a fast sketch of what I´ m about to construate. Then we talk again... So far I got the Rasperry Pi yesterday.. I will set up the OS over the weekend. Then I could start playing around with the foto-diode... But, unfortunately I won´ t get the Laser Diodes until the ! 16.12.2019 !. which for me is an eternity... ;O) so I can only start to dra
  13. Hi Geert_2, thank you for your input but maybe my previous post was not too understandible. I will try to be more exact: 1. I´ m not trying to build something complicated like a flow-sensor or something in this direction. (although I know as of today that someone can introduce an S5 flow-sensor to an U3, but that needs to trigger some sofware-update and I´m far away of reprogramming the software api). 2. There is one simple measuring device --> the laser! A) The laser connects to the reflector on the other side --> Printer stops for pausin
  14. ... same for me. I´ m running a Um3e and I´ m wondering if there is any progress to get an implementation of a sensor that comunicates with the hardwäre of my printer. Especcially because that would render my recent topic useless and would save me alot of braincells for solutions that are already in the makeing or about to get finalized... If something however gets in the devstate of testing (UM3e only) pls count me in for it. Thx.
  15. Hey there, have only a few posts, but my previous account got deleted by an update to a new community server a few years ago. Since then I had alot othe stuff to do. Now I´´´ m back... Back with an important issue (so to me). As I am already using my UM3 ext. for a while and made some changes to it here and there I want yet to add another change to it. With some help we might help others too, to help save filament/ prints and therefore the environment, nature, the word and not least the universe ;O) So now to my question: How often d
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