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How to correct end stop on Ultimaker 2?

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After cleaning up the extruder I noticed that the right end stop is incorrect. Basically, the extruder touches the metal clasp holding the glass plate. When I calibrate the build plate, the extruder touches the clasp and prevents it from moving upward.

You can see the pictures showing this here: http://imgur.com/ABA2JWY

Any tips how this could be solved? The extruder has to stop a bit more inward not to touch the clasp.


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Did it get caught during the bed leveling process?

It looks like your fan shroud - the folded metal part - isn't straight, but I'm not sure if that's because it got caught, or if it is always like that. When positioned correctly I think the shroud should always clear the clips - but only just.

The most recent firmwares are supposed to position the head so it it slightly further from the clips during leveling. What firmware version do you have?

So long as the head is a few mm further back, it's ok for the print head to go that far across, and even a touch further. So it's not really an end stop issue as such.

Cura has logic built in the keep the print head away from the clips during printing - it won't slice parts that get too close to the clips.

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The folded metal part always looked like this. The bottom part is actually straight and always prints well - only the top part doesn't look straight.

I updated the firmware 3-4 weeks ago. Before cleaning the it wasn't touching the clip. Now it's touching it a little bit which prevents proper levelling of the build place.

If it was a few mm further, it would be fine. I'm not sure why it's not because it was fine yesterday.

Apart from firmware update, what else could be an issue?


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I'm not sure exactly how the plate is attached... And I'm not in front of my printer at the moment.

There are probably several newer firmwares since you updated however, and the most recent are supposed to position the head better during the leveling, so it try that - just grab the latest Cura. Then, so long as your prints aren't getting super close to the clips, I think you'll be ok, even with the slightly tipped base of the shroud.

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