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Printing a zig zag path only


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Posted (edited) · Printing a zig zag path only

I'm printing clay and cement using a 3DPotter and trying to create gcode using the Ultimaker Cura slicer. I would like to print a cube in one continuous, zig zag line that is parallel to one face of the cube for the first layer, then the next layer is one continuous zig zag line perpendicular to the first, and so on. My line width is between 3 and 7mm. I'm having trouble figuring out how to do this. I thought maybe I could print infill only in a zig zag pattern, but it's not showing up in the preview. Even with walls included, the infill pattern isn't showing up in the preview. 

If anyone has an idea for how to generate this gcode, I would really appreciate you sharing it! Thanks.

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    Posted · Printing a zig zag path only

    A picture, or a sketch, or even scribbles on a napkin would be really helpful.  It's not impossible to hand code simple shapes but the norm is to create a model and let Cura do the coding.


    As far as not showing the infill - is it turned on for the preview?  You can toggle the different line types on and off.


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    Posted · Printing a zig zag path only

    Thanks for your reply! The first screenshot shown is 100% infill showing up empty. I was hoping to set the parameters to generate the code for a zig zag path through Cura, but I'm not sure it's possible. I was thinking if I could print only infill and no walls, I could adjust the dimensions accordingly and get mostly zig zag path.


    If not, I would at least like to have zig zag infill on each layer, instead of concentric then zig zag, as the second and third screenshots show. This happens when I add bottom layers, no matter the pattern. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.






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    Posted (edited) · Printing a zig zag path only

    Use the File | Save Project command and post the 3mf file.


    That first picture looks like "Spiralize" is turned on with no bottom layers(?).  Spiralize prints a "solid" model with a single wall with no Infill.

    The second picture appears to be single wall and the bottom layers (48) go to the top(?) and "Extra Skin Wall Count" is set to 1.

    Finally, the third picture looks like 6 walls, the bottom layers again go all the way to the top, and a single Extra Skin Wall.


    A project file will answer most of my questions.


    This is 3 walls, 4 top/bottom layers, 5% Zig Zag infill.  The model is a 50mm cube.



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    Posted · Printing a zig zag path only

    Turning off spiralized fixed it! I was able to make the zig zag infill at 0 and 90 degrees and remove the walls. Thank you for your help. 

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