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Version 14.01 will NOT retract material - what happened ?

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I recently discovered that my tool paths on my models have been materializing since I had upgraded my Cura version 13.0.6 to 14.01.

The tool paths should not be printed and yet - there they are.

I have noticed that the retraction process (the "Extruder") has not been going backwards while performing a tool path, as my 13.0.6 version had done previously.

The "Extruder" gear always seems to stop while performing the tool paths, instead of retracting (going backwards).

Is this a bug in 14.01 ?


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Interesting... I was in Expert Mode. I have since pushed back to version 13.06.4 and it works great.


Obviously there is a "retraction setting" in the Expert mode, that I have yet to see. I'll have to try version 14.01 again.

BTW, I still have webcam issues when using Cura, even after taking out the vidcap.pyd file. I and others use Video Conferencing processing to view the work as it is progressing. We use VSee to have as many as 10 viewers looking at 3 webcams of the process.


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"Enable retraction" is under the first tab called "Basic". It's the third setting down.

Also, like Dim3nsioneer mentioned, if combing is enabled cura will try to avoid retracting by moving over already printed areas. If you disable combing it will do a retract (if the length is longer than the limit) and then move directly to the new point. You'll find these settings under Expert -> Open Expert Settings...


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OK - nevermind - Apparently after setting up the initial run of the verion 13.06.4, I used the little Ultimaker robot and it started out with retraction occuring, but half-way through the layering the retraction process stopped and when it came time to do a tool path, the extruder was only stopped, NOT retracted.

Is there something wrong with the calibration of the extruder ?

I have the extruder adjustment pulled down.

What gives?


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I currently have "combing everything (Type-A)" and "combing everything (Type-B)" disabled.

Now what could it be ?


The fix horrible settings do nothing with retraction. But retraction should show up as small upwards blue lines in the layer view.

For retraction the retraction check needs to be on in the basic settings. So make sure that is checked. While it should be obvious, I have had people missing that checkmark that came from older versions.

I also have an 14.02-RC1 out for testing: http://software.ultimaker.com/Cura_closed_beta/, as this no longer uses the webcam in the print window, you might want to try that.


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Well now - i have tried another model of mine and the retraction is working. The extruder wheel does go backwards during a retraction process. So I'm not sure what is going on. But as I am using the version 13.06.4 and the "Expert Config panel " states no retraction values. I would assume that I only have access to the "Basic" tab of the "Full Settings under "Tools" "Enable Retraction" button.

I will try the new beta version as well for the retraction issue.

Oh - and thank you very much for this beta version opportunity to disable the webcam features of the Cura release.


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